Teacher in front of your name

Quiet view, special to become, In the eyes of simple wisdom and peace. Teacher, not everyone can become, With a burning heart, with a fiery soul!

My gray head will bow “Teacher in front of your name,” Forgive me, that I rarely call you Through the weather of freezing winters.

You, as before – in a simple dress, And I’m the other – tougher and rude… I have my visit – on, after, And then you all wait for the guests.

Tell me! How to save, In your soul and warmth and light? How could you so nobly live on the slope, not young, years?

Oh, yours, I now open the essence – How “Danko” people gave the fire, You also flung open your chest And put your heart in the palm of your hand!

And we, all the troubles, smashing our foreheads Running through the darkness of the rabid times, And you are quietly leafing through the album, Going into a long list of names.

And I’m one of those ruffled guys, My debt to you is unimaginable! And the inappropriate my outfit “Teacher in front of your name” fades…

Again I do not sleep. Hiding my feet in a blanket, I remember you in silence… Thank you for science and for the light, What they presented me unselfishly!

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Teacher in front of your name