Honor is true and false

Honor. What it is? What is the meaning of this word? It is not easy to answer these questions. I think that honor is a sense of dignity, the ability to live a life of conscience, not to tarnish yourself with dishonorable acts, to overcome in oneself such feelings as envy, hatred, greed, that at the end of life, summing up, I could say that I lived life fair. To understand what true and false honor is, let us turn to examples from fiction.

Let us recall Pushkin’s novel “The Captain’s Daughter”. The protagonist of the work Peter Grinev lives by the laws of honor, knows how to stand up for the honor of other people. Here he calls on the duel Shvabrin, who insulted about Masha Mironova, the captain’s daughter. Grinev not only loves Masha, but also respects the person in her, sees that she is a modest, decent girl, and is ready to protect her from people encroaching on her honor. Even when Grinev was arrested as an accomplice of Pugachev, he does not tell

anyone about the reasons why he went from Orenburg without the permission of his commanders to the Belogorsky fortress occupied by the Pugachevites, because he does not want the name of the captain’s daughter to sound on the court.

Even in the face of death, Grinev did not disgrace his human and military honor. When the fortress was captured by Pugachev, the young officer did not swear an impostor and, if not for Savelich, would be hanged.

“Take care of the honor from the youth” – this is the epigraph to Pushkin’s novel. And the protagonist fulfills this commandment throughout all the events described in the work. And the reader is sure that Grinev will live well for his further life. That’s what true honor is.

In order to understand what a false honor is, let us turn again to Pushkin, to his novel “Eugene Onegin.” We leaf through the pages mentally telling about the duel of Onegin and Lensky. Lensky is offended by the behavior of Onegin, who on Tatiana’s birthday party is paying attention to the bride of the young poet Olga, dancing with her,

whispering something to her. The frivolous girl forgets about her fiance. Onegin and Lenski are friends. Onegin is older, smarter, more experienced. He understands the insignificance of their quarrel, but does not give up the duel. It seems to me that this is a false honor. Onegin fears for his reputation, especially since the old duelist Zaretsky intervened in the matter, which he can hardly be called a man of honor himself. Now the rumors about the refusal of a duel or reconciliation with Lensky will spread all over the district. Onegin will be considered a coward, in society they will speak of him as a person, who did not defend his honor. And poor Lensky was killed by a friend in a duel. False honor played a role. Onegin could not resist it, although in his own way he loved Lensky and understood the insignificance of their quarrel.

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Honor is true and false