Who is a cultured person?

When the definition of a “cultural person” is given, the first thing that they have in mind is the following: Does the person observe rules and generally accepted patterns of behavior in society-such a philistine code of honor. In principle, this “duty” of a “cultural person” for society ends.

For society it is important that human behavior is conditioned by the limits of decency and the law. Socium, in principle, is ready to agree that alone with himself or with his family, a person can be anything, but going out the door of his home, a cultural person should trigger a tumbler switch on the inclusion of norms and self-control.

That is, in the philistine mind the concept of a cultured person is a man brought up, observing rituals and etiquette: “with outsiders”, “in public”, “in society”. If a person who possesses all forms of etiquette still has a higher education, then, as a rule, such a person rises

in the public status from the level of just a cultured person to the level of an “intelligent person”.

The behavior of a person “outside the door” is not taken into account in this case. “Behind the door” you can snort and poke around in the nose, yell and beat the household or anonymously troll on the Internet, albeit not for money, but only at the call of the “swirling soul.” But if such an individual gives way to an old woman in transport or holds the elevator door for a neighbor, all – the status of a cultural person is provided to him.

Back in the early nineteenth century, the word “culture” was more relevant to agricultural science than it was extrapolated to man. The word itself appeared in the Enlightenment – at the end of the 18th century, but took root gradually and long enough. In Europe and Russia of the 19th century they said – a civilized man, meaning about what is now being invested in the notion of a cultural person. Back in the early 30-ies of the last century, the explanatory dictionary Ushakov interpreted the

concept of “cultural man” as a man “cultivated.” Only in connection with world urbanization, when a separate “urban culture” began to lie in contrast to nature, the concepts of civilized and cultural began to blur. By the way, “cultural” began to be added epithets, forming phrases: cultural revolution, cultural level,

Currently, linguistics treats the word “culture” as “the volume of genetically not inherited information transmitted in the society from generation to generation.” Sociology is also ready to offer its interpretation of the notion: “culture is the totality of traditions, customs, social norms, rules that regulate the behavior of those who live now and are transferred to those who will live tomorrow.”

From a philosophical point of view, according to Spengler and Toynbee, culture is only a part of the component civilization. A cultural person is a person capable of absorbing a large amount of information, analyzing it, interpreting it, building causal relationships. The role of upbringing and self-control in the formation of a true cultural person philosophers, of course, did not deny.

Thus, a cultured person is a man who observes the basic norms of behavior of a civilized society, but correlates himself and society only in the proportion that allows him to remain a person and an individual, and not a “system cog”, “majority”, part of a “single fist” and “one people”.

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Who is a cultured person?