Composition “My tongue is my friend”

Each nation has its own unique language. And each of them is good and beautiful in its own way. With the help of the language, people can communicate among themselves, transmit information and cultural heritage, learn new things, advance science. The level of technical, spiritual and cultural development that we managed to achieve today would be impossible without language. Just imagine how much our life will be poor and scarce, if we do not have the happiness of knowing the language.

I sincerely love Russian, I like to speak, read, listen to songs and poems. He is incredibly rich and deep, with his help you can express any emotions. It is the language of the greatest people, such as: Pushkin, Tolstoy, Yesenin and a great many others. All of them thought, spoke and wrote in Russian, their works have remained for centuries. Now they are educating the younger generation, instilling in him the values ​​of their native people.

In order for the language to become a friend,

it must be improved from day to day, cleaned of “weeds” and “garbage”. In this case, I mean – words-parasites and abuse. Their presence in our speech can lead to the fact that language will not become a friend, but an enemy. After all, by the way we talk, the interlocutor gets an opinion about us, and the language in this case can seriously fail us or, on the contrary, help out. It all depends on how carefully we treat it.

Personally, I try not to use such words in my speech, but also words, the meaning of which I do not know or understand not completely. Some of my friends treat their speech much easier, littering it with foreign words, courier slang or clever words, the meanings of which do not understand. From the outside it looks completely unattractive, and sometimes just ridiculous.

I think every reasonable person should do his best to study his native language as best as possible. Then his speech will bring pleasure to others, and to him.

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Composition “My tongue is my friend”