Composition on “Night”

At night, the world of people freezes. The windows of houses are extinguished one by one, streets and roads are emptying. Lonely lights illuminate small islets of space.

Darkness reigns around, and in the sky myriads of stars are lit. Closer to midnight, the sky in one place brightens, the pale glow gradually flares up. A few minutes later there is a full moon, on which even strange patterns depicting the relief of its surface can be seen from the ground. Who sees there person’s face, who are strange animals or something else.

With the rising of the moon it becomes so light that it is easy to distinguish the silhouettes of houses, trees, even individual leaves on them. And their shadow falls to the ground. The whole night world appears before us, as if covered with silvery paint.

And, despite the fact that most people sleep sweetly at night, the nightlife in nature continues. In the summer, crickets do not stop until.

The very dawn. Go out for a night walk of the cat, they swiftly and silently slip past unnoticed to the human eye. Somewhere in the garden rustle in the bushes hedgehog. Flies off the roof of a flock of bats. And in the woods night predators are hunting – cat and owl.

At night it is usually so quiet that rare distant sounds – people’s voices, dog barking, creaking of doors – are audible, as if they are very near.

A special jewel of the night nature is the lunar path on the reservoirs. It stretches from the horizon in the place over which the moon floats, to the shore. It seems the waves themselves bring light there. And around the path are calm and dark waters. This is the favorite landscape of many artists and photographers.

The night is fascinating and inspiring. Each of us at least once admired her mysterious beauty, praised by artists of all time as a magical time of reflection, rest, creative inspiration and love.

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Composition on “Night”