Summary of “Mishkin porridge” Nosov

A story about two boys Misha and Kolya. Kolya’s mom leaves for two days and leaves the boys alone to manage, explaining how to cook porridge. The guys spent the whole day resting on the river, fishing, and when they were hungry, they got down to business. Not such a simple thing, it turned out, to cook – they had a porridge in them as if they were alive, they all wanted to escape from the pan, the minnows to the frying pan stuck, and the oil burned with a blue flame.

The plot of the story is simple, it tells us that the mother of the protagonist named Kolya, is forced to leave for a couple of days. When leaving, she leaves her son with a friend alone. The boys are not upset, but rather try to spend their mother as soon as possible. Not having listened to her instructions on how to cook porridge, a friend Kolya interrupts a woman with the words “What’s there to cook it!”.

At first glance, Mishka may seem like a braggart, but it’s not,

he’s just very energetic and likes to try something new. With confidence in the success, he begins to boil the porridge, and then he is in for trouble. Kasha began to crawl out of the pan.

We have two heroes. Embarrassed and confused Kohl and confident in his victory Mishka. The boys begin to quarrel at the well when they want to pour water into the pan. By accident, Kolya nearly pushed the pot into the well. After the quarrel at the well, Mishka takes with confidence the frying of the carp and then lies in wait for him. The food burns.

Nosov draws the hero Mishka a confident and strong man who is ready to take up any case, even if he does not know how to handle it, and Kolka, despite their conflict, still continues to believe and follow his instructions.

I certainly liked the author’s work. In my opinion, the author showed us not only. the ability not to give up and not retreat from the goal, but to be friendly and go to the end. Boys, through mistakes and trials, even quarrel, but still remain great friends. In our time, friendship is not appreciated. If you do not have an expensive phone, they refuse to be friends with you. Today, friendship has become a calculating one.

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Summary of “Mishkin porridge” Nosov