Summary of the “Deniskin stories” of the Dragoon

“He is alive and glowing”

This story begins with the fact that Denisk’s boy is waiting in the yard for his mother. She probably stayed in the institute or in the store, and does not even suspect that his son has already missed her. The author very subtly emphasizes that the child is tired and hungry. Apparently, he does not have the keys to the apartment, because it is already starting to get dark, the windows light up, and Deniska does not move. Standing in the courtyard, he feels that he starts to freeze. While watching what is happening around, Mishka Elephants runs up to him. Seeing a friend, Deniska rejoices and for a time forgets about her sadness. a summary in. dragoon deniskiny stories Mishka praises his toy dump truck, wants to exchange it and offers Deniska various items and toys. Deniska replies that the dump truck is a gift from the pope, so he can not give it to Mishka or even exchange it. Then Mishka uses the last opportunity to get a toy dump truck

– he offers Deniska a live firefly that glows in the dark. Denis is fascinated by a firefly, its magnificent radiance, which spreads from a simple matchbox. He gives the dump truck to Misha, saying: “Take my dump truck, for good, and give me this star.” Mishka is pleased to go home, and Deniske is no longer so drearily waiting for his mother, because he felt that next to him is a living being. Soon mom returns, and they go home with Deniska to supper. Mom sincerely surprised how my son could exchange a good toy for “some firefly” This is just one of the stories that represents “Deniskin stories.” The summary shows, that the main is the theme of loneliness and abandonment. The boy wants to go home, he is tired and hungry, but his mother lingers somewhere and thereby prolongs Deniski’s inner pain. The appearance of the firefly warms the soul of the child, and it becomes no longer so difficult to wait for the appearance of the mother.

“The secret becomes clear”

A funny story in which Deniska refuses to eat semolina porridge for breakfast. However,

Mom remains adamant and tells him to eat everything to the end. As a “reward”, she promises her son to take him to the Kremlin right after breakfast. Deniska is very inspired by this prospect, but even this can not help overcome his dislike for semolina. After another attempt to put a spoonful of porridge in the mouth with Denis’s porridge, it tries to salt it, pepper it, but from these actions it does not improve, but only spoils, acquiring an absolutely unbearable taste. In the end, Deniska goes to the window and pours the porridge into the street. The happy one puts an empty plate on the table. Suddenly, the front door dissolves and a man enters into the apartment, smeared with semolina porridge from head to foot. Mom in confusion looks at him, and Deniska understands, that he could not get into the Kremlin any more. The man indignantly tells that he was going to be photographed, so he put on his best suit, and suddenly a hot porridge poured over him from the window. What are the most regrettable people at the end of life What is the difference between white and brown eggs? What happens if you make a “bar” every day? a brief summary of the book Deniskin stories This is the second story that presents “Deniskin stories”. A brief summary shows that sooner or later everything that is hidden is revealed and brings great troubles.

“From top to bottom – obliquely”

Once Deniska, Mishka and neighbor Alenka were walking around the house. And in their yard there was a repair. The guys heard and saw how the paint workers were going to go to dinner. When the painters left to dine, it turned out that they had left the kegs with paint in the yard. The guys began to paint everything that comes to hand: shop, fence, door of the entrance. It was very interesting for them to observe how the paint itself comes out of the hose and rapidly paints everything around. Alenka even managed to paint her legs to look like a real Indian. reviews of the book deniskiny stories This is the third story, which presents “Deniskin stories”. The summary shows that Deniska, Mishka and Alenka are funny guys, although they got a good shot for that case with paint.

“Green leopards”

Do you like to be ill? No? But Deniska, Mishka and Alenka love. In this story, they share with readers the benefits of different types of diseases: from simple colds to chickenpox and sore throats. In addition, the most “interesting” disease friends consider chickenpox, because at the time of exacerbation of the disease they had the opportunity to look like a leopard. And also, the guys believe, “the main thing is that the disease is more terrible, then you want to buy.” Why do women experience orgasm? Learn about 5 plants that should be in your home. A girl from Hong Kong was born a pregnant twin. The main idea of ​​the story is fully illustrated by its brief content. V. Dragunsky (Deniskin Stories) emphasizes that attention to the sick child is always greater, but it is very important to remain healthy after all.

“Fire in the wing or a feat in the ice”

Once Deniska and Mishka were late for school. On the way, they decided to come up with a worthy justification, so that they would not get very bad from the class teacher, Raisa Ivanovna. It turned out that it was not easy to come up with a plausible version. Deniska suggested telling that they allegedly saved a small child from the fire, and Mishka wanted to tell how the kid fell through the ice and his friends dragged him out. No sooner had they argued that it was better than they had come to school. Each of them put forward his own version, which made it clear to everyone that they were deceiving. The teacher did not believe them and gave both unsatisfactory marks. a short summary of the book of the Victor Dragoon Deniskin stories The main idea of ​​this story is emphasized by its brief content. V. Dragunsky (Deniskin Stories) teaches that one should not deceive adults.

“Where it’s seen, where it’s heard”

A funny story, in which Deniska and Mishka are going to perform on a school matinee. They are called to sing a duet, they tell everyone that they will cope. Only at the performance a misunderstanding suddenly occurs: Mishka somehow sings the same verse, and Deniske, in connection with the situation that has arisen, has to sing along with him. In the hall laughter is heard, it seems their debut failed. The main idea: you need to better prepare for important events.

“Cunning way”

In this story Deniska struggles to come up with a way that would allow her mother to get tired less in her housework. Somehow she complained that she barely has time to wash dishes for her household and jokingly announced that if nothing changes, she refuses to feed her son and husband. Deniska began to think, and it occurred to him a wonderful idea to take food alternately, and not all together. As a result, it turned out that the dishes will go three times less, that’s why it would be easier for my mother. Papa also came up with another way: to commit himself to daily washing dishes with his son. The main idea of ​​the story is that you need to help your relatives.

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Summary of the “Deniskin stories” of the Dragoon