Summary “Wild Dog Dingo, or The Story of the First Love” by Fraerman

Children’s camp in Siberia rested with friends from childhood and classmates Tanya Sabaneyeva and Filka and now they return home. The girl is met at home by an old dog Tiger and an old nurse (mother at work, and her father does not live with them since Tanya turned 8 months old). The girl dreams of the wild Australian dog Dingo, subsequently children so it will be called for isolation from the collective.

Filka shares with Tanya his happiness – his father (hunter) gave him a laika. The theme of paternity: Filka is proud of her father, Tanya tells her friend that her father lives on Maroseyka – the boy opens the map and searches for an island with this name for a long time, but does not find it and Tana speaks of it, which bursts into tears. Tanya hates her father and reacts aggressively to these conversations with Filka.

One day, Tanya found a letter under her mother’s pillow in which her father announced the move of his new family (Nadezhda Petrovna’s

wife and her nephew Kolya, Tanya’s adopted father’s adopted son) to their city. The girl is overwhelmed with a feeling of jealousy and hatred of those who stole her father. The mother tries to tune Tanya with a positive attitude towards her father.

The morning when my father was supposed to arrive, the girl tore flowers and went to the port to meet him, but not finding him among the guests gives flowers to the sick boy on stretchers (she does not yet know that this is Kolya).

The study begins, Tanya tries to forget about everything, but it does not work for her. Filka tries to cheer her up (the word comrade on the blackboard writes with L and explains this by saying that it is a second person verb).

Tanya is lying with her mother in the garden. She’s good. She thought for the first time not only about herself, but about her mother. At the gate, the colonel is the father. Heavy meeting (after 14 years). Tanya turns to her father for “You”.

Kolya falls into the same class as Tanya and sits down with Filka. Kolya got into a new world for him, an unfamiliar

world. He is very hard.

Tanya and Kolya constantly quarrel, and according to Tanya’s initiative, there is a struggle for the attention of his father. Kolya is an intelligent, loving son, he treats Tanya with irony and ridicule.

Kolya talks about a meeting with Gorky in the Crimea. Tanya basically does not listen, it turns into a conflict.

Eugene’s classmate) decides that Tanya is in love with Kolya. Filka takes revenge for this Wife and instead of Velcro (resin) treats her with a mouse. A little mouse lies alone in the snow – Tanya warms him.

A writer came to the city. The children decide who will give him flowers Tanya or Zhenya. Chose Tanya, she is proud of such honor (“shake the famous writer’s hand”). Tanya unfolded the inkwell and doused her hand, Kolya noticed. This scene demonstrates that the relationship between enemies has become warmer. Some time later, Kolya suggested that Tanya dance with her on the tree.

New Year. Preparations. “Will he come?” Guests, and there is no Koli. “But recently, how many bitter and sweet feelings were crowded in her heart at the thought of her father alone: ​​What’s with her? She’s always thinking about Kolya.” Filka is deeply in love with Tanya, because he is in love with Tanya. Kolya gave her an aquarium with a goldfish, and Tanya asked to fry this fish.

Dancing. Intrigue: Filka informs Tanya that Kolya is going to the skating rink tomorrow, and Kolya says that tomorrow they will go with Tanya to the play in school. Filka is jealous, but tries to hide it. Tanya goes to the skating rink, but hides skates, since she meets Kolya with Zhenya. Tanya decides to forget Kolya and goes to school for a performance. The storm begins sharply. Tanya runs to the rink to warn the children. Zhenya was frightened and quickly went home. Kolya fell on his foot and could not walk. Tanya runs to Filka’s house, sits in a dog sled. She is fearless and resolute. The dogs suddenly stopped listening to her, then the girl threw them on the tearing of her beloved Tiger (it was a very big sacrifice). Kolya and Tanya fell from the sledge, but despite the fear continue to fight for life. Buran is increasing. Tanya, risking his life, pulls Kolya on the sledge. Filka warned the border guards and they went out in search of children,

Holidays. Tanya and Filka visit Kolya, who froze his cheeks and ears.

School. Rumors that Tanya wanted to ruin Kolya, dragging him to the rink. All against Tanya, except Filka. The question is raised about the expulsion of Thani from the pioneers. The girl hides and cries in the pioneer room, then falls asleep. They found her. Everyone learns from Kolya the truth.

Tanya wakes up and returns home. They talk with their mother about trust, about life. Tanya understands that the mother still loves her father, the mother offers to leave.

Meeting with Filka, he learns that Tanya is going to meet with Kolya at dawn. Filka of jealousy tells this to their father.

Forest. Explaining Kolya in love. Father comes. Tanya leaves. Farewell to Filka. Leaves. The end.

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Summary “Wild Dog Dingo, or The Story of the First Love” by Fraerman