Summary of “Merry Family” Nosov

After an unsuccessful testing of the steam engine, two cronies Mishka and Kolya decide to make an incubator to remove the chickens. From a pile of old junk they master the apparatus and with the help of an electric lamp set the desired temperature. Taking the eggs in the village, which the chicken just took, the boys put them in the incubator and wait for the appearance of chicks, a fun family.

Round-the-clock Kolya and Misha are on duty at the incubator, maintain the desired temperature and turn the eggs. Come to visit a classmate Kostya Devyatov they show the incubator and ask to keep it a secret. When the boys are at school, they are replaced by Mike, the younger sister of Misha, who expects to receive a chicken as a gift.

At the lesson, Kostya asks the teacher, Marya Petrovna, what an incubator is – the familiar boys made him at home. Talking about the incubator, Marya Petrovna says that the incubator can be made at home, but the guys should be disciplined, and

not like, for example, Kolya and Misha.

Since the incubator is at home with Misha, he hardly sleeps at night and falls asleep at the weekend. Coming to him, Kolya draws Misha asleep and brings an album with drawings to school, which causes laughter among classmates. Offended Misha suggests that Kolya take the incubator to himself and also not sleep at night. Now the guys are laughing at Kolya, who comes to the classroom, messing up his shoes.

Ten days passed. Once Kolya is tired from hearing the alarm bell, and the temperature in the incubator drops several degrees per night. He decides not to upset his friend, although he understands that being silent is a swinishness.

Interested classmates Kostya tells the news about his friends who made the incubator. Classmates admire unfamiliar boys, believing that Misha and Kolya are not capable of this.

Misha and Kolya grabbed two, and the chairman of the detachment’s council at the gathering shames them. To protect friends, Kostya says that it was they who made the incubator. Classmates offer help and make a roster. They also help boys to pull

up lost knowledge.

With the help of Marya Petrovna, the guys are preparing boxes with grass and feed for the hatched chickens. Finally comes the long-awaited day, and all the guys come to look at the chicks, but there are no signs that hatching will hatch now. Feeling guilty, Kolya confesses to Misha in his oversight, but he replies that he is guilty, because one day due to his fault the temperature rose strongly. The guys are desperate that so much work was lost in vain, but here in one of the eggs there is a crack, and the beak of a chicken is shown. Soon, other eggs start to crack, and chickens appear in the incubator. Misha’s calculations were wrong, the chickens hatched on time.

On the birthday of the nestlings, the children and Marya Petrovna come. One of the guys brings a rattle, which is very like the newborn.

Of the twelve eggs, ten chickens hatched, two embryos perished. But soon another chick dies, and Misha and Kolya take the remaining nine chicks to the village. In the summer, the boys will come to them on vacation.

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Summary of “Merry Family” Nosov