Summary “Vitya Maleev in the School and at Home” Nosov

This book was one of my favorites when I was a child. Now I remember, I can not say exactly what I liked about it, but I re-read it several times.

The book tells about schoolchildren, friendship, mutual aid, creative interests of heroes.

I still remember that it was in this book that I read how to properly train dogs, so that they would bark the right number of times. There is such a moment, schoolchildren show such tricks at a contest or a concert.

The book is good. In general, N. Nosov’s works are already popular with many generations.

The author of the question chose this answer the best

So, the narrative in this book is from the first person: on behalf of a schoolboy, fourth grade student Viti Maleev. Everything begins on the first of September and from his trip to school. Meeting classmates. Kostya Shishkin comes to the class where Vitya is studying. It is this boy who becomes Vitya’s neighbor by the desk and his friend in the future.

Vitya is a good boy, but a little lazy and weak-willed. He is not very given a mathematician and on this subject he has eternal problems. Kostya Shishkin – a kind boy, very fond of animals and they have a lot of home. But he has great problems with his studies (especially the Russian language) and laziness, with which he can not do anything and does not want to do anything.

Vitya Maleev and Kostya Shishkin get two in the quarter. Vitya in mathematics, Kostya in Russian. Because of their deuce, they are not taken to the basketball school team and are not allowed to participate in the school performance on stage. but the boys are cunning. Kostya proposes to make a horse’s costume, for the sketch “Ruslan and Lyudmila.” Vitya agrees. They are helped to sew a suit by the sister of Viti-Lika. The costume is obtained and Kostya and Vitya play a horse on stage, however, without rehearsals, they get ridiculous and ridiculous.

Vitya is very distressed with deuce and pulls herself together, works hard (helping her sister with mathematics) and successfully draws her studies. But Kostya is lazy

and finds a way out – he’s skipping school. In addition, after visiting the circus, Kostya dreams of becoming a circus performer and touring. Shishkin picks up a young dog on the street and calls it – Jigsaw. Tries to train. And he continues to skip school. Vitya does not want to betray the friend’s absenteeism and covers him before the boys and the teacher, saying that Shishkin is sick. Cheating is revealed and Kostya and Vitya have a conversation with the headmaster. The director instructs Vita to tighten Kostya for her studies. Vitya agrees. Friends continue to train Jigsaw and perform at the New Year’s Eve party with a “learned dog.” Friends have their first success. At first, Viti does not get lessons with Kostya, but my friends do not lose heart, and now, Kostya no longer has two, and the first, cherished four in the Russian language. Guys get the assignment to organize the Class Library. With enthusiasm take on this matter – addicted to reading. The last scenes in the book are the promise of friends to study well each other. And they perfectly finish the fourth grade.

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Summary “Vitya Maleev in the School and at Home” Nosov