Spring morning composition

The splendor of the spring nature, awakened in the morning of May

A picturesque spring morning, an essay about which was offered for reading, illuminated the tender meadow with the tender red light, awakening the restless nature dwellers: woolly grasshoppers and fluttering moths, graceful dragonflies and ladybirds. In the morning pasture, in anticipation of a delicious treat, the herds of round-headed cows, quick horses and curly lambs hurried.

A warm, May night, filled with songs of crickets and cicadas, luxuriated in anticipation of a fresh, spring morning.

Even before the appearance of the first rays, frogs gurgled in the pond. The horizon began to slowly form a crimson strip, gradually filling the entire sky with a spectrum of pinkish scarlet shades. The pale stars quietly dissolved into the infinity of heaven, yielding the right to life to the sun’s rays. Piercing the air with their sharp tips, the rays touched the emerald green and colored the scattering

of dewdrops in a rainbow palette.

A waking up breeze ruffled the crowns of the spring forest. spread out the sleepy bushes and began to dry the young grass and foliage with a warm hair drier. Then he flew to the clouds, whipped them into lush sails and drove a white caravan of white-washed yachts through the bluish sky.

And the sun played with rays on the green meadow stretching to the horizon, revealing with its touch, literally, every spring flower, stretching to the sky above. The grown grass, excited under the breeze of the wind, shimmered with velvet waves, resembling an endless splash of the sea. The songbirds fluttered in their nests, soared to the sails of the clouds and from there rang a powerful, life-affirming symphony of spring mood.

The meadow was filled with herds of frisky horses, flocks of curly sheep, herds of white-haired cows and bleating goats. They together began breakfast, tasty crunchy juicy greens.

The spring morning imperceptibly evaporated with the last dewdrop, to return tomorrow to these wonderful, blessed places.

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Spring morning composition