Writing what is honor

The word honor is familiar to everyone, we have heard it since childhood. But only some of us know its meaning and only a few are honorable. Why now this word has lost its significance in human life? Previously, it was the most important quality of man. They defended their honor in duels, its loss was tantamount to a loss of life. So why is it now given such a small value, does it have lost its need in the modern world.

For me, this word is a synonym for the word honesty. After all, when you are honest with other people and yourself, you are freed from the burden of conscience and lies. To be honest means to defend one’s beliefs, one’s truth.

Poets and writers of different epochs always addressed this topic. A hundred years ago, it was the main indicator of a person’s personality. It was viewed from different points of view, writers endowed this quality with their heroes and watched as they fight against injustice and lies.

The most popular example,

which describes the significance of honor in our lives, is the work “Captain’s Daughter” by Alexander Pushkin. We learn about the fact that the issue of honor will rise in the work from the very first lines. At the beginning of the work the author skillfully entered the folk wisdom, which will be a red thread throughout the plot of the work. “Take care of the honor from the youth” is the main idea of ​​this work. With similar words the father of the protagonist, sends the one to the service.

Peter Grinev always sang praises, he grew up in a family where she was valued above all. And we can give him credit, because in difficult and decisive situations, he always remained faithful to his father’s advice. For example, when Pugachev ordered him to abandon the tsar and join the enemies, he, knowing his approaching death, refused to betray him.

But not only Peter Grinev is the embodiment of honor in this work. Particular attention should be paid to his beloved, Mary. The girl grew, like all other noble girls in the province. She was taught to conduct business, told various

sciences, but human qualities were worked out by herself. After all, as it turned out the girl is very strong, proud and principled. It is the very embodiment of honor and examples that prove this fact appear throughout the plot. She refuses to marry a man she does not love, who is also a traitor to the king. Maria is ready to die, but at the same time remain honest with herself.

These examples once again show us how highly valued honor in the past centuries. Now people who possess this quality are truly unique, they are like a miracle for us. This is the main problem of our society, we must treat it as a matter of course. Honor is a very important part of a person’s personality. Like the literary heroes of the work “The Captain’s Daughter” we must live by our values. To be honest with other people, only so in our life there will be peace and harmony. And most importantly there will not be lies in it, which destroys the destinies of a million people, we will be one step closer to the desired one.

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Writing what is honor