Biography of Victoria Boni

Victoria Bonya – TV presenter, beginner actress, participant of the project “House 2”.

Victoria was born on November 27, 1979 in Krasnokamensk, Chita Region. At the age of 16, a transfer to Moscow took place in the biography of Victoria Boni. And later, in 2002, the girl went to the US.

On television, Victoria appeared in May 2006. It was then that reality show “House 2” with the motto “Build Your Love” was replenished with a new beauty. After spending almost a year on the project, in April 2007 Bonya left the “House 2”. But I had time to enjoy the whole country and got a push for further public activities.

First, Victoria Bonya in her biography conducted a broadcast on Family Radio. And then, in September 2007, became one of the leading “Cosmopolitan.” Video version. Since that time I managed to shoot several times for men’s magazines.

The attractive appearance of Victoria contributed to the fact that in May 2007 the girl entered the “50 Most Beautiful People of Moscow”. Also Bonya managed to “light up” in many projects. For example, at the “Russian Fashion Week” was the face of the show Antonina Shapovalova. Actor’s debut in the biography of Victoria Boni took place in 2008. Then she starred in the movie “All the charm of love.”

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Biography of Victoria Boni