“Knowledge is power”

We all want to become educated people, graduate from school, then university, get a good job, where you can apply your knowledge in practice. This is the whole point: knowledge must necessarily be attached to something else, otherwise they will not be of use and will eventually be forgotten. Hence we conclude: the accumulated information should be associated with a useful skill.

Sometimes it happens that a person, having received an education, can not boast of knowledge or intellect. This may mean that he studied superficially only to obtain a diploma. Conversely, people who do not receive higher education come across, but show a high level of erudition. This is because, regardless of the status of a higher institution, no one can force knowledge into a person. Everyone is obliged to take an active part in their own education, and it is up to us how well we can absorb the knowledge we have offered.

One of the signs of an educated person is reading. It’s always interesting to communicate with such people. Some of the great ones said that we are made up of books that we read. And I agree with this, because books form our perception of the world around us, taste, views on certain things.

The history of mankind is full of examples of what heights are allowed to achieve knowledge. Many famous names have reached the present day: Michelangelo Buonarroti (painter, scientist, sculptor), Leonardo da Vinci (engineer, painter, poet), Nikola Tesla (scientist, inventor) and many others whose talent and education will be admired by future generations.

Progress does not stand still and we still have much to learn in order to make our life better.

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“Knowledge is power”