Historical personalities. Taras Shevchenko – a symbol of the Ukrainian revival

People whose names and actions are fixed in the sources and whose actions influenced the course of historical events are called Historic Persons. A historical personality, for example, is Vladimir Monomakh. Look through the pages of the textbook and name the others.

The historical personality, whose name became the symbol of the Ukrainian revival, is Taras Shevchenko.

In the 19th century. on the geographical map of the state, Ukraine was not. The Ukrainian lands were part of two empires – the Russian and Austrian: the Right Bank, the Left Bank, Slobozhanshchina and South Ukraine were under tsarist rule, and Galicia, Bukovina and Transcarpathia – under the guards. Although there were many differences in the life of these states, the attitude of the rulers to the inhabitants of the Ukrainian lands was almost the same: they were not considered separate peoples, they denied the right to their own history and culture, limited the use of their native language. It

was at such a time that the Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko fell out.

In 1840 he published a collection of his poems called “Kobzar”. The first edition of the collection consisted of eight pieces. After the poet’s arrest in 1847, the book was banned, but the collection was distributed in manuscript lists. Poems from the “Kobzar” studied by heart, they became folk songs. The secret of this popularity is not only in the artistic perfection of poetry, but also in the fact that they were understandable and close to the people.

Taras Shevchenko felt all the woes of serf bondage. From birth to 24 years he was serf. Nine-year-old Shevchenko fell into the court yard Cossack, that is, a domestic servant. Taras Grigorievich obtained personal freedom through the efforts of his friends – artists Karl Bryullov and Ivan Soshenko and poet Vasily Zhukovsky, who bought him out of serfdom. They arranged a talented young man for the Petersburg Art Academy. A few years later, after graduating from the academy, Shevchenko with the title of artist and the glory of the poet came to Ukraine. However, the meeting with his native land was unhappy. After all, millions of fellow countrymen were serfs. Serfs also remained their own sisters and brothers Taras. That is why the poetry of Kobzar was so sharply pronounced. The state poet branded personal and bondage as the greatest evil.

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Historical personalities. Taras Shevchenko – a symbol of the Ukrainian revival