Signs of Autumn

“The whole day is as if crystal, and radiant nights…” – so about the autumn Feodor Tyutchev wrote. And not spsta, because autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons. Autumn is beautiful with all its colors, which it gives us so generously. And let it be time for someone to fall, when everything around is done gloomy and dull, but not for us and you, is it? And how many people go around accepting and superstitions about autumn… just about them – more.

Autumn signs and superstitions

If there were a lot of mountain ash, then autumn will be rainy and cool, but if it is not enough, it is dry and warm.

If the foliage with birches and oaks completely fell before the first snow, then the harvest in the next season will be very abundant.

A warm and dry September promises a late arrival of winter.

If the cranes fly very high and slowly (“communicate”) – autumn will be soft and welcoming.

Unstable and

rainy autumn to a rainy spring.

The abundance of thunder in early September foreshadows a warm and sunny very.

Move to a new home is best in “Indian Summer” (September 14 to 21), then life in this house will be full and joyful.

While at least one leaf remains on the cherry trees, snow will not cover the ground.

The remaining foliage on Kozma and Demyan (November 1) promises a crop failure.

The excessively cold September heralds an early melting of snow in the spring.

If there are almost no mushrooms in the autumn, but there are plenty of nuts, it means that the winter will be very harsh.

The windy and cool “Indian summer” promises dry autumn.

If the cranes flew to the Intercession – winter will be early and snowy.

Look close at the birches. If they start to turn yellow from below, then the spring will be late and cool, and if the top is early and very warm.

Autumnal sub-season

Autumn can be divided into six periods, generally corresponding to the climatic conditions outside the window:

From 1 to 23 September

– the beginning of autumn.

From September 24 to October 14 – the golden autumn.

From October 23 to November 26 – pre-winter

From 27 to 30 November 30 – pervozmye.

It’s interesting: autumn in the astronomical calendar begins not at all 1, but on September 22, the day of the autumnal equinox.

Proverbs about Autumn

Autumn rain is finely sown, but long drags on.

Autumn frost will not squeeze tears, and winter frosts – from the eyes of tears.

An autumn night rides on twelve carts.

Autumn – change eight.

Autumn is great, winter duty.

Autumn says: “Rotten”, spring: “Cute, if only it was.”

Autumn says: “I’ll harness the fields,” the spring says: “I’ll still see.”

Autumn is coming and the rain is following.

Autumn will order, his spring will say.

Autumn is the womb: kissel and pancakes, but in spring it’s smooth: sit and look.

Autumn and the sparrow feast.

In the autumn they milk bread with a match.

From time immemorial, mankind has tried to unravel the mysteries of the surrounding prir.

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Signs of Autumn