“Communion” essay

You can start with the fact that the sacrament is one of the most difficult parts of speech. Explain why this is so. Indicate what the sacrament depends on. Give an example or a few examples. For example, to speculate on the verb “read” (how many participles are received including returnable ones?) – reading, reading, reading, reading, and so on). To speculate on the subject of how the participles are similar to adjectives, to mention that in the participles there are signs of verbs and adjectives. Why communion was called a participle, and not as something differently (involved in the name of the verb). To speculate when it is possible to use participles (when we describe pictures, when we give characteristics, etc.). To touch the other part of the speech is the girlish participle (again, to speculate why the gerunds are so called what it means (involvement in the action)). To draw a conclusion (conclusion). Be sure to give examples when writing such a composition.


the question concerns parts of speech, writing an essay on it will be quite difficult – in this case it will rather resemble the presentation of the review article on participles – here and there is the right material.

It is possible to dwell in more detail on any moment and develop a theme: how to distinguish the participle from the adjective? Why are participles called “passive” and “real,” what is their difference? How are the present and past participles formed, what are the suffixes used for this?

Then we can speculate on the function of the participle in the text, for which they are used. And, of course, give examples – their own, or taken from the works of classics.

Here, of course, you need to state the whole essence of these very participles. First, tell what is, specifically, the sacrament. That is, to emphasize that participle is a special form of the verb, signifies the feature of the object by action and answers the questions of the adjective. Next, it should be noted that participles and participial turns are more common in book resources, that is, in the works of great classics, scientific literature, since they can show all the brightness and accuracy of actions well. In colloquial terms, that is, verbally, participles are often not used. In conclusion, we should talk about the syntactic role of the participle – in the sentence it is most often a definition, but it can also be a predicate.

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“Communion” essay