Summary “And thunder broke out” Bradbury

Summary “And thunder broke out” Bradbury

Hunter-lover Eckels buys a journey through time in the Mesozoic era.

The most damned adventure that a real hunter can dream about. A journey of sixty million years ago and the greatest prey of all time.

The head of the hunt Trevis reports severe restrictions. You can kill only an animal that already dies. You can not leave the anti-gravity path, which isolates the aliens from the future. Coming back in time, it is necessary to destroy all traces of arrivals in the past. You can not exert any influence on the world.

The time machine is a delicate matter. Without knowing it, we can kill some important animal, a pichug, a beetle, crush a flower and destroy an important link in the development of the species.

Hunters arrive in Mesozoic and deepen into boundless jungles.

Seeing the tyrannosaur, Eckels is frightened – it seems to him that it is impossible to kill this monster,

It went on huge, shiny, springy, gently stepping feet. It was thirty feet high above the forest – the great god of evil, pressing the fragile arms of the watchmaker to the oily chest of the reptile.

The hunter becomes frightened, descends from the antigravity path and heads straight for the jungle. While the conductors are fighting with the dinosaur, Eckels somehow returns to the path and hides in the time machine,

Returning to their time, hunters suddenly discover that their world has changed. The colors and chemical composition of the atmosphere, man, and the spelling rules of the language have become different. Instead of a liberal president, a dictator is in power.

With all the pores of his body he caught something strange, alien. As if somewhere someone whistled into the whistle, which only the dogs hear.

Eckels examines the soles of his shoes and discovers a butterfly adhering to one of them, which he accidentally crushed, making his way through the prehistoric jungle. Mortally frightened Eckels suggests going back and fixing everything, but Travis does not listen to his pathetic babble, he raises his gun: “… And the thunder struck.”

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Summary “And thunder broke out” Bradbury