Composition “How I spent the summer”

I, like most school children, just adore summer. I’m not afraid of the summer heat. In my opinion, where better to escape from the heat, eating ice ice cream, swimming in the river or the sea, than to be wrapped up in the cold. I really like to go out of town, and summer is an ideal time for outings on nature.

This summer, without disturbing traditions, I stayed with my grandparents in the village, visited the sea and often went out to the river and into the forest. In the village to my grandmother and grandfather, I went immediately after graduation. They live in the neighboring area, so it did not take long to get there. Grandfather and grandmother have a large farm, so I often help them. If my grandmother or grandfather does not need my help, then I go to the river for a long time. I go to the village as long as I can remember, so I have many friends there. There we with the guys have fun with the soul: we swim, dive and sunbathe. The water in the river is clean, on the

shore grows a soft green grass. In the village, I stayed about three weeks, and then returned home.

Then my parents and I went to rest on the sea. What kind of summer vacation without the sea? We were very lucky with the weather. All the days that we spent on the sea coast were clear. The water in the sea was warm and warm. I did not want to get out of it at all. Most of the day we spent on the beach. We used to stay there until the evening. At sea, we ate a lot of fresh and juicy fruits. We even visited sea fishing, where we caught a lot of delicious fish for dinner. We prepared the catch at the stake. It was unforgettable.

The rest of the summer I spent at home. I walked a lot, went to the city beaches and several times I went out with my friends to the forest. In bad weather, when I could not go for a walk, and for a raid, and even more so, I stayed at home and spent time reading books and watching movies.

In general, this summer was wonderful. I regret only that it flew so quickly.

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Composition “How I spent the summer”