Making up an autobiography

Making up an autobiography

Periodically, each of us is faced with the need to write an autobiography. To facilitate the task of composing an autobiography, below we gave a sample of autobiography, which each of you can use as a template for creating your own document, telling about your life path.

I, Nikolai Pavlovich Vasiliev, was born on December 15, 1962 in the Lugansk region, in the town of Svatovo.

In 1970 I went to secondary school No. 1 in Svatovo, which I graduated in 1980.

In 1980 I entered the Lugansk Polytechnic Institute, which graduated in 1985 as an engineer-heat-and-power engineer.

In 1985, my work biography began.

Currently I work as the Director of the enterprise “Golden Telekom” in the town of Svatovo.

Currently, I live at the address: 24, Novoselovka St., Lugansk Region, Svatovo.

He is married. Wife – Vasilieva Natalia Ivanovna, born in 1968, Ukrainian, education – higher, working, living with me.

Son – Alexei, born in 2000, lives with me.

Mother – Vasilyeva (Kostromskaya) Marina Fedorovna, born in 1938, Ukrainian, higher education, pensioner, lives at the address: Luganskaya oblast, Svatovo, ul. Qudary, 38.

Father – Vasiliev Pavel Vasilievich, born in 1938, Russian, higher education, pensioner, lives at: Lugansk region, town of Svatovo, ul. Qudary, 38.

I do not have any convictions, non-partisan, faith – Orthodoxy.

As this sample of autobiography shows, that there are no difficulties in writing an autobiography. Everything is written as if one pattern: briefly, specifically, and nothing superfluous. Sure that this sample of autobiography will help you in writing your autobiography. Good luck to you!

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Making up an autobiography