“The problem of art”

Have you ever thought about the impact on you of the books you read? How can they change you? How can they help? The role of the book as a product of one of the branches of art is truly great. The problem of the influence of art on the world perception of a man is raised in his text by a well-known publicist E. Vinokurov.

The fact that people from ancient times felt the influence of objects of art is spoken by rock carvings, with the help of which ancient people tried to leave information about themselves to future generations, they used art as a way to convey feelings, moods, thoughts to fellow tribesmen.

The author of the text proposed to me considers this problem on the example of the great Russian poet. From the first lines of the text Vinokurov analyzes the role of Sergei Yesenin’s work in the life of the Russian people. The author notes the simplicity and accessibility of Esenin’s poems, notes their spiritual depth.

The first sentence of the text

completely conveys the author’s position: “It can be confidently said that there are few poets in the world who are, like Yesenin, the soul of the nation and enjoying the boundless love of the people.” The author is confident in Yesenin as a genius. great poet. who wrote only that. that feels. only the truth. Using metaphors “the artist of intuition”, “the naked conscience of the nation”, Vinokurov explains the uniqueness of the poet’s influence.

It is impossible not to agree with Vinokourov’s position. And from my point of view, art affects the person’s perception of the world. In the life of each of us there are periods when we feel devastated, disappointed, lonely, and I am no exception. At such times I like listening to the works of modern composer Ludovico Einaudi. They help me to move away from myself all that is bad, to discover in myself the strength to admire the world.

Such a way out of the life stalemate for the heroine of the novel by F. M. Dostoevsky “Crime and Punishment” is the Gospel. I was amazed that Sonya Marmeladova,

being in a difficult situation, was able to find support in the moral commandments. specified in the Scriptures. After all, Sonya only needs to remember the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. how she discards her insecurity and turns from that needy help to a pitiful girl. which is ready to render this help.

No less interesting is the position of the famous American writer Ray Bradbury. In the novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit” the mistress of the house, marked by firemen for burning, refuses to leave the house alone. The heroine chooses death in the fire among her favorite books, so hated by society. In this act, the influence of art on a person is clearly discernible, its invaluable significance for everyone.

Analyzing this problem, we can conclude. art affects the life of society. helps a person to decide in this life. understand why it’s worth living for.

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“The problem of art”