What is music

The word “music” in Greek means “art of the muses”. Music is a form of art. Each art has its own language: painting speaks to people with colors, colors and lines, literature through words, and music through sounds. In the world of music, a person sinks from childhood. Music has a great influence on the person. Quite a small child can suddenly cry under a sad melody and laugh at a merry or fun jump, although he does not yet know what dance is. What kind of feelings a person does not express through music!

Music is closely connected with different kinds of art: literature, fine arts (painting, sculpture). Take at least a painting. Often, looking at various pictures and looking at them, we can hear with inner hearing certain music that sounds in our imagination, where the visual image turns into a musical one. In the literature, in turn, many poems were written in order then to put music on them.

Writers and poets created a lot of literary works, which

tells about music. On these simple examples we see that music has a huge impact on other arts. Music is a part of our life. It primarily tells about a person, about people in general, expresses their feelings and thoughts, draws their character – embodies all that is connected with a person. Life gives birth to music, and music influences life. Music can change a person’s attitude to life, strengthen his willpower, educate him in nobleness, kindness; under the influence of music in a person, labor energy may increase or, conversely, fall. Beautiful music can beautify life, make a person better, kinder, share with him and grief, and joy.

It is interesting that we perceive the same work in different ways, each in its own way. We allocate for ourselves more accessible and close works, which are easily obeyed and understood. These are memorable melodies and incendiary rhythms. And also serious music that requires special treatment, for example, Beethoven’s symphony or Mozart’s requiem. Music can be both fun for a person and a “teacher”.

The most different and under the most diverse conditions sounds in our life music. Without it, there is no radio, television, cinema, music is filled with concert halls. We hear it everywhere: in kindergartens and schools, at sports competitions, in circus, in places for rest, in parks, at home, in trains, in airplanes. She was loved, loved and will always love, because music is a part of our life.

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What is music