Population of Australia

The settlement of Australia began about 40 thousand years ago by people from Southeast Asia.

The indigenous population of Australia belongs to the Australoid branch of the equatorial race, the characteristic features of which are dark brown skin color, wavy hair, flat nose. The Aboriginal Australians lived in the eastern part of the continent until the arrival of the Europeans, their total number was about 300 thousand people. They hunted animals and collected wild plants, led a nomadic way of life. The Australian Aborigines retained their rather peculiar culture, especially in painting and music. Their paintings are exhibited in the National Gallery of Australia, Aboriginal symbols are used by some national airlines. But the indigenous population currently stands at less than 1% of the inhabitants of the continent.

Attitude towards the aborigines is a dark spot on the reputation of Australia-country. In the past, they were exterminated, pushed into the desert areas. Nowadays

they live on reservations and can not formally complain of a bad attitude. They are provided with medical aid, they are taught in schools, they are attracted to sports. And, nevertheless, their lives are not very similar to the lives of other citizens of the state, people living in reservations are wholly dependent on state support.

After the discovery of Australia by Europeans in the late 18th century. began active settlement primarily in the eastern part of the continent. In the XIX century, when gold was found in Australia and the “gold rush” began, the settlement of the continent was significantly accelerated. The government of the British Empire contributed to this by providing land plots and benefits to the settlers. Many cities have appeared, where most of the population of Australia now resides.

In addition to the British and their descendants, who now constitute 80% of the population, Germans, Greeks, Italians, Ukrainians began to move to Australia. It is believed that the first Ukrainian who settled in Australia was the sailor of the Russian ship “Otkrytie” Fedor Zubenko, who was born in Poltava. The Ukrainian diaspora in Australia is small. Now most of all ethnic Ukrainians live in the state of Victoria and in large cities: Sydney, Melbourne. Adelaide. Our compatriots try to preserve their language, customs and way of life. Ukrainians work as doctors, engineers, lawyers, some have created their own enterprises, including agricultural ones.

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Population of Australia