Questions and answers to the work of J. Swift “Gulliver in the Land of the Lilliputians”

How did Gulliver manage the money his father sent him? What was Gulliver’s most cherished dream? What did the first country Gulliver visited look like? How did the people of Lilliputians behave towards Gulliver?

They met the Man of the Mountain quite affably, they gave him shelter, provided him with food. With him the Emperor spoke kindly, after Gulliver dragged the whole Blefuscan fleet on the rope, he was granted the highest title in the country.

What parties existed in Lilliputia and how did they differ?

There were two warring parties: supporters of one were adherents of low heels, the other – high.

Because of what broke out the war between Lilliputia and Blefuscu? How does Gulliver refer to war in general and to the enmity of two great empires – Lilliputia and Blefuscu?

Gulliver understood that any military clash ends with tragedy and great losses on both sides. But he, a foreigner, would prefer not to interfere in the quarrels

between the two empires. Gulliver fulfills a promise – he captures a Fleet of Blephuscans captive and leads to the port of Lilliput. However, he flatly refuses to become an instrument of enslaving the brave and freedom-loving people.

Why does Gulliver leave Lilliputia and Blefuscu? What is the author’s attitude toward his hero?

The author respects Gulliver, emphasizing his desire for knowledge. The hero has a good memory; landed on the shore, he studies the customs and customs of the natives, their language. He is courageous and patient – two hundred arrows pierced his face. He has a sense of justice: Gulliver believes that the emperors of Lilliput and Blefuscu should not be at enmity. He could deal with the rulers of Lilliputians, who decided to destroy him, but did not do so, because he swore an oath. In addition, Gulliver is inexhaustible in inventions.

Which country does Swift refer to when talking about Lilliput?

Lilliputia is England, shown through a diminutive glass. On every page of Swift’s book there are hints of contemporary events and faces. Swift derides the English order, customs, customs, laws, politics. Lilliputia, where Gulliver gets, looks like England: corruption reigns in her, the same police regime, she is waging a war of conquest. The King of the Lilliputians has a clear resemblance to the English King George I. Blefuscu is France; the party of the Toupeeans and Razoroochnikov – a satirical image of the split that divided the Christian church into Catholic and Protestant.

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Questions and answers to the work of J. Swift “Gulliver in the Land of the Lilliputians”