Why you need to protect nature writing

Everyone likes to relax on the nature. After a noisy and polluted city, it’s so nice to stretch out on the green grass, to smell the smell of wild flowers and clean air. Around the trees rustle, birds sing and the stream murmurs or the river rumbles. And, as well, when the grass is clean, without rustling debris underfoot. Air without chemical impurities and smog. And the water is fresh, spring, without oil droplets and islets of plastic bottles.

Unfortunately, such corners are less often encountered in the way of the holidaymaker. Before settling down for such a holiday, you have to walk around with a garbage bag and free yourself a patch of clean earth.

People somehow do not think how we pollute the planet and destroy all the beautiful things that are on it. No, of course, in a global sense, it is heavily polluted by factories, factories with their pipes and waste, merging into rivers and lakes. Atmosphere of the planet spoil gasoline cars and cars, highlighting

harmful exhausts in the air. Corporations, thoughtlessly cutting down forests – the lungs of our planet. States, uncontrollably extracting minerals from the depths of the earth, exhausting it. We abuse this and worry about the future generation.

But why do not we start with ourselves? If we can not influence civilization as a whole, why not try to influence ourselves personally? Do not fry shish kebabs on an open fire in the forest, and then forget to extinguish it. Do not throw the garbage after yourself, but carefully collect and throw it in a specially designated place. If so, everyone will contribute at least a little bit, then the overall attitude to nature protection and ecology will improve overall.

Writing to protect nature means protecting the homeland

The wealth of nature is the property of the Motherland.

The importance of respect for nature.

Care for nature as an indicator of culture.

Motherland and nature are inextricably linked. Nature is the pride of my country, I use its resources, enjoy the scenery and I can contribute. No country can boast of such wealth

as the nature of my Motherland. The abundance of minerals, fertile soil, vast areas of land, forests and rivers. Water is the most precious treasure, the foundation of life.

The productive and careful use of the gifts of nature can help our heritage not to exhaust itself. Nature feeds us. She is our mother and our father. And if she does not stint and gives us all the blessings, why should not we be grateful to her?

First of all, nature requires careful treatment of oneself and respect. All people are its integral part and in order that the connection is not torn, it is necessary to act on their own and contribute. If we do not turn the land into a garbage dump, we can continue to enjoy its beauties. If we stop the general cutting of forests, the trees will thank us with endless oxygen.

People throw garbage from a window, forget to put out a fire, test a nuclear weapon, merge chemical waste into the seas. But this is a powerful blow to nature.

Looking at the blue sky, we rarely recall Chernobyl, in which, after an atomic explosion, the sky for a long time lost its purity and color. Perhaps, many people are accustomed to consume and do not give anything in return. Who, then, will give all our wealth to the children? I think they would like to see what we see today: a ray of sunshine, cornflowers in a meadow, buzzing of insects, a rainbow…

Taking care of our nature, we prove our love to it and show our culture. A cultured person will not allow himself to throw a bottle on the sidewalk or leave garbage from a bench in the park. A man who destroys the planet, an ordinary barbarian and to culture has nothing to do. Remove garbage in the forest, plant a tree, somehow try to preserve it and there is, in a sense, a culture of nature use. Take it, but give it as far as possible.

The cultural level of the country can be recognized by the state of its natural resources. The Earth is completely in the hands of man and directly depends on his attitude towards it. An inquisitive mind and curiosity can make a young person a biologist, an ecologist, a landscape designer or simply a traveler. The more professions related to nature, the more chances of its preservation. Preserving nature, a person shows true love for his homeland.

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Why you need to protect nature writing