Why do I sympathize with Hamlet?

Hamlet is the protagonist of the Shakespearean tragedy of the same name, Prince of Denmark. He has a mother, an uncle, a friend of Horatio and a lady of the heart – Ofelia. My father, true, Hamlet does not, but what can you do – all people ever die.

The prince was, I think, happy. Until he found out that his mother, Queen Gertrude, had married the brother of her late husband, Claudius, now King of Denmark. The prince is terrified – after all, since the death of his father was only a month! And this, he believes, betrayal of the mother laid the foundation for all his misfortunes. Soon Hamlet is the ghost of his father and asks for revenge for him. The ghost informs his son that he was poisoned by Claudius. It is this meeting that opens Hamlet’s eyes to all the evil that surrounds him. And the courtyard, according to the prince, is the breeding ground for this evil, “rude beginnings.”

Undoubtedly, Hamlet suffers, because his father’s

house for him now is a hornet’s nest. The king never had any affection for his nephew, and now he makes courtiers spy on him. The Queen… She loves Hamlet in her own way, but does not understand him at all. For Hamlet, she is only the wife of the villain Claudius. Apparently, disappointed in the fidelity and devotion of women, the prince also rejects the beautiful meek Ophelia, who soon goes mad and dies. Hamlet suffers from his inaction. He several times had the opportunity to avenge the death of his father – and he missed every one. On a fateful coincidence, instead of the king, he kills Chancellor Polonius, Father Ophelia. The knot is tightened. Gertrude asks Hamlet to explain the cause of his defiant behavior. In response, he promises his mother to break her heart, if it is not completely petrified. Gertrude prays for mercy, but Hamlet implacable. This scene made a particularly strong impression on me. On the one hand, I understand the behavior of Hamlet, I understand his pain, but on the other – I can not accept such cruel treatment with my mother.

The prince makes a choice: to die

himself, to commit suicide, or to try to eradicate evil. And he stops at the second. I do not think that he could eradicate evil, but he managed to expose the evil. Even at the cost of one’s own life. And avenge the insidious murder of his father.

Is it possible not to sympathize with a person who has lost his father, mother, bride and faith in love, in devotion, in good? Is it possible not to admire the man who fought with evil alone? Hamlet is dying. “Happy End”, which I somehow waited for, this play is not. Shakespeare wrote a tragedy. And, like every great tragedy, his “Hamlet” will long shake the hearts of readers and viewers, cause sympathy for the poor Prince of Denmark.

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Why do I sympathize with Hamlet?