The friendship between Tom and Huck

Many adventures were in the life of the heroes of Mark Twain – Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. And in each episode the friendship of the guys was manifested.

I want to talk about this episode.

One day, Tom was seized with a desire to find a treasure. The most suitable friend for this was Huck Finn. Tom revealed his secret plans to him. He said that the treasures are usually buried under the house where the evil force is found, either on an island or under a dry tree with special signs. The boys got a broken pickaxe and a shovel and in search of a suitable place to work came upon the abandoned house. It was night, and the guys, looking at a distance from a distance, were sure that a blue flame would flash in the window and a ghost would appear. Tom and Huck were scared, but there are two of them, which means that together they can resist any enemy. True, they had not had to fight with ghosts yet, but you can try. Tom and Huck crept to the door, trembling, looked inside.

They went in without sound. Soon they heard footsteps. People approached the house. The boys went up to the second floor and hid. Two vagrants came in; one of them was an Indian Joe. These tramps found under one of the rotten boards in the room a chest of gold. The chest was taken with them, but the guys eventually managed to find out where the tramps had hidden the gold, and to seize the treasure. Tom and Huck have long dreamed of becoming rich. And suddenly, when this happened, it turned out that wealth for them is not so important.

“You know, Tom,” Huck said, “it’s not such a merry business to be rich…

It turned out that the love of the forest, the river for Huck is more valuable than any riches. So he said to a friend:

– Take my share and use it as you want, but give me ten cents – and that’s not often, because I hate darning.

To which Tom replied to a friend:

“Look, Huck, no wealth will stop me from going to the bandits.”

“Look, Tom, you’ve always been my friend: you’ll take me to a gang…”


the end they decided that the gang was bad. We must return to the family.

But before that, the boys decided to initiate. They vowed to stand by each other and not to give out secrets.

It seems to me that the most striking example of the friendship between Tom and Huck is this story about their relationship to the found wealth. Usually they say: money spoils the relations of people, but here the guys are ready to give each other their treasures in the name of their friendship, in the name of the simplest things: love of the forest, the river, to simple life.

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The friendship between Tom and Huck