My future profession is the accountant essay

In choosing a profession, I probably will focus on accounting work. At us this family – after all the bookkeeper in the big firm of wholesale trade my native Aunt Liza works. She’s been taking account for ten years.

The name “accountant” of German origin and literally means “book holder”. A person of this profession conducts books of accounts. This is accounting for the property of the enterprise, economic obligations. The accountant collects, registers and systematizes information about the company’s capitals. For the timely payment of taxes, the state is also monitored by an accountant. In general, this is a person who controls the financial condition of the enterprise.

Like Aunt Lisa, I will graduate from the University with a degree in Accounting and Audit. And I’ll work in some company. Aunt Lisa deals with capital issues of an enterprise that sells wholesale agricultural products. That is, in large volumes sells potatoes,

carrots, turnip, cabbage and so on. And it would be interesting for me to work in a firm selling or manufacturing toys. I am well versed in various toys: soft, developing, sports, “fun.” I think I could understand and correctly determine for the company what kind of deal in this area is beneficial and which is not.

Slowly I look narrowly at the work of the accountant. Better, probably, I’ll work for a medium-sized firm or even a small one. I will organize work with the clients of the firm, negotiate with partners. Perhaps, someday I will become the head of my field, that is, the chief accountant.

Accountant – accurate, accustomed to accuracy, punctual person. In some ways, he’s even meticulous: he has to constantly monitor changes in legislation. The rules for submitting reports change, new norms are introduced. An error of the accountant can cost the enterprise money, and considerable. Therefore, high qualification in this profession is the first requirement.

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My future profession is the accountant essay