Questions and answers to the novel by J. Verne “The Mysterious Island”

Remember what works are called “Robinsonads”. Prove that the “Mysterious Island” – “Robinsonade”.

“Robinsonades” refers to works that tell how a person coped with the most unfavorable conditions, met face to face with wildlife. This is exactly what happens to the heroes of the “Mysterious Island”. They manage not only to survive, but also to organize working life on a previously lifeless island. The collective that arose, makes the reader happy not only with their successes, but also with the friendship that linked together very different people.

Who of the heroes of the “Mysterious Island” is the real leader and leader of this community of robinsons? How do these unwitting robinsons solve this issue?

No reader ever doubts that the leader on the “Mysterious Island” is Cyrus Smith. In the same were confident and all who were on this island. This determines the personality

of the leader: it is not the man’s desire to command, but the fact that those around him, without hesitation, agree with him and make his decisions.

Which of the heroes of the novel is the most attractive to you? Who is the best and most devoted friend? Who is the coolest person? Who is technically gifted? Try to describe the range of professions that each of the characters owns.

The assessments of heroes by readers are not always the same. However, when discussing the qualities of heroes who found themselves on a mysterious island, opinions often coincide: they all seem equally attractive people precisely because they managed to become a friendly team. The ability to be friends, a reliable sense of elbow provides them with such an appreciation.

Those who love technology, pay special attention not to the hero of the novel, but to the technical solutions themselves.

On the island, heroes have dozens of responsibilities and there are many areas of activity: construction, inventiveness, caring for plants, animals, cooking, arranging for everyday life… And each person can master any

of them, but usually only likes a few. For example, Herbert, whose predilections have not yet decided, tends to help his friends in any work.

Name the qualities that distinguish Cyrus Smith, Gideon Spilett, Negro Naba, the sailor Pencroff, the young Herbert. Do they have the qualities common to all?

The easiest way to decide is that the friendship on this lost island helps everyone to keep the consciousness that they are alone in this boundless ocean and no one else can help them. But apart from that, the personal qualities of each of the members of the community play a big role: the bright organizational talent of Cyrus Smith, the strength and devotion of his servant Negra Naba, the inescapable energy of journalist Gideon Spilett, the skills of the sailor that Pencroff owned, the youthful enthusiasm of Herbert. However, we can still identify their common property – decency and a sense of mutual revenue.

Create oral portraits of the heroes of the novel “The Mysterious Island”.

Most often, an oral portrait is created for his contemporary, Herbert. But more than once this task was criticized, because among the heroes of the novel there is no captain Nemo – a brilliant Indian scientist. Namely, it plays a huge role in all the secrets that are associated with this island.

Herbert’s portrait is most often recreated by girls who are ready to draw it according to the ideal canons: slender, impetuous, easy-going, intelligent, bold.

The second most popular hero is the sailor of Pencroff, since the appearance of a sailor is most often associated with a sailor’s uniform, which is not hard to imagine: a vest, trousers flared, a special headdress.

Those who demanded to include in the gallery portraits and Captain Nemo, described it, remembering the novels of not Jules Verne, but Alexandre Dumas: draped in some special clothes and very mysterious.

The first chapter of the novel “The Mysterious Island” begins with a dialogue. Try to decide who owns replicas of the beginning of the novel:

“Are we going up?”

– What there! Go to the book! “

Prove your point.

The question most likely belongs to Mr. Cyrus. Probably, he asks not so much because he can not assess the situation himself, but because he wants to make everyone be extremely attentive to what is happening. Maybe he even tries to calm his companions somewhat. But the answer, judging by his determination, most likely belongs to the sailor Pencroff, because he was quicker than the others to assess the situation over the roaring sea.

However, the issue may belong to Spilett, who as a journalist always seeks to assess the situation faster.

Let us remind you that the main themes in the work of Jules Verne were the exploration of the Arctic and the conquest of both poles, underwater navigation, aviation and aeronautics, the use of electric energy, and interplanetary travel. To which of these areas do we refer to the “Mysterious Island”?

Among the works of Jules Verne “The Mysterious Island” occupies a special place. Although he is included in the trilogy of the best novels of the writer, he nevertheless differs in that it is slightly connected with the theme of underwater navigation, a little – with aeronautics, a little – with the use of electric energy. All this variety of problems and questions is understandable – there is one more “Robinsonade” before us. A “Robinsonade” requires a lot of problems. But most of all remember this novel when they talk about how good the world can become when people can live peacefully on it. Precisely because a small group of the inhabitants of the island managed to create its own world of workers, this novel is called a utopia.

Reference. Utopia – this word has two meanings: 1) a place that does not exist; 2) a blessed place. The very word began to denote an ideal society when Thomas More created a book about life on a fairy island, which he called Utopia.

Who was the mysterious assistant of the heroes?

The mysterious assistant of the heroes of the novel was Captain Nemo, from the very beginning, those who read not only this novel but also the two previous works of the trilogy have guessed.

Prepare a description of the most difficult technical solution that the inhabitants of the island have accepted.

Before the inhabitants of the island, one after another, faced rather difficult problems, and not only technical ones. Each of them appeared impracticable at its appearance, and then passed into the category of already solved problems.

So when discussing this issue, it is not worth looking for just one specific solution. After all, for forced Robinsons everything was a problem: the creation of housing, heating, lighting, cooking methods… Answering this question, one can think about the solution of which problem would be interesting and accessible to each of the students. Here you can choose the answer depending on your interests and possibilities.

What in this novel is from technical savvy and knowledge, and what – from science fiction?

The history of how travelers settled on a desert island offers a description of how the collective can survive in difficult circumstances. For the ordinary sixth grader, all decisions and findings of these brave people can be represented by solutions from the field of scientific or even unscientific fiction. But for some students with sports training and training or skills in the field of technology, much will seem affordable. For example, the issue of building a dwelling in the conditions in which the heroes fell, for experienced tourists is not a problem. So the answer requires assessing your own capabilities. For some, the answer is an opportunity to show their preparedness to arrange their life in conditions of extreme, unaccustomed. For others – a signal that prompts the need to master the methods of survival in non-standard conditions.

Do you think that for today the novel remains science-fiction, or has it become just an adventure novel?

About Jules Verne is spoken of as a writer who predicted many discoveries of later years. However, if the discovery is already carried out, and its results are included in the everyday life of people, it ceases to be considered something unattainable. And the story of the technical solutions that have become customary for today, may not specifically arise. You can not discuss the possibility of a submarine, when such boats have long been traversed by the oceans. Therefore, many novels by Jules Verne we now perceive as adventure works.

Write a brief glossary of terms that colonists use when they learn the island.

Think about whether you can create the same vocabulary by describing each of the colonists. Probably, it is immediately clear that Cyrus Smith and his servant Naba have different vocabulary in both content and volume. But the development of the island required all participants of the common efforts. At the same time, there was a need for the use of new words – in the general work everyone had to understand his accomplice in this work. So, in the dictionary that can be created for the colonists, there may be sections of words related to their activities: “Builder’s Dictionary”, “Botany Dictionary”, “Marine Dictionary”, “Meteorologist’s Dictionary” …

Comparing the works of Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe” and “The Mysterious Island” by Jules Verne, compose dictionaries of Robinson: “Dictionary of the first day of Robinson”, “Dictionary of the first day on a mysterious island”, “Dictionary of Robinson the Builder”, “Botanical Dictionary of Two” Robinsonade ” etc.

Choose a dictionary that would help enrich you with words in accordance with your hobbies. Even better, if you come up with the name of the dictionary.

Work on the compilation of the dictionary requires rereading the text, careful selection of words that are included in your active vocabulary, in everyday life. At the same time, dictionaries should not be a set of unfamiliar words. The words “ax” and “saw” can not be excluded from the builder’s dictionary, but “grain”, “wheat”, “grapes” – from the dictionary of botany.

How do you assess the team of the mysterious island? Can you call the members of this team “friends in misfortune” or real friends?

If at the beginning of their adventure the people who came to the mysterious island were just “friends in misfortune”, the joint struggle for survival rallied them and turned them into a wonderful, united team. This way of creating a team in joint work and overcoming difficulties always causes the reader’s respect and the desire to imitate these wonderful people.

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Questions and answers to the novel by J. Verne “The Mysterious Island”