A boy who folds the word “eternity”

A boy who folds the word “eternity”

Even in my early childhood, my mother read to me the tales of the remarkable Danish storyteller GK Andersen. I was very interested when the most usual things came to life on the pages of my favorite book, flowers, animals, toys began to talk. Most of all I liked the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”, where the little girl Gerda saves her named brother Kai, bewitched by the Snow Queen.

Despite the fact that the main adventures fall on the share of Gerda, Kai is the second main hero of the fairy-tale, because it was because of him and for the sake of the girl that she had to endure so much.

At the beginning of the fairy-tale, we get to know Kai as a kind, sympathetic boy. She and Gerda had long been friends and “loved each other like a brother and sister.” The

guys often went to each other’s houses, together started cheerful games, raised beautiful roses. They were very well together, they liked to listen to the tales of the grandmother, who often told them all entertaining stories. From the grandmother, they first heard of the Snow Queen.

Once Kayu in the eye and in the heart fell fragments of the diabolical mirror, in which “everything great and good seemed to be insignificant and ugly, and the evil and evil reflected even brighter.” Since then, Kai has changed dramatically. He became angry, rude, and even used to offend Gerd and grandmother. It seems to me that from that very moment he became subject to the charms of the Snow Queen, because his heart has already begun to turn into a piece of ice.

How beautiful is the Snow Queen from the pages of the book! This is not an evil and ugly old woman, but a “tall, slender, dazzling white woman.” Kayu it seems “charming” and “gentle”, because this is a real queen! However, there was “no warmth or meekness” in her eyes, she was so cold that when Kai wrapped up in her white fur coat, he “seemed to fall into a snowdrift”. With her kisses, the Snow Queen bewitched the boy, turning his heart into ice and forcing her to forget “Gerda, and grandmother, and

all the domestic ones.”

It seems to me that Kai himself is a little guilty of what happened.

He rode his sleds far beyond the city gates, and after meeting the Snow Queen he did not run away, but allowed himself to be bewitched and taken to the palace. Of course, in his heart and in the eye sat two devilish pieces, but Kai did nothing to get rid of them, although he could, I’m sure of it. After all, Gerda managed to save her friend from these spells!

In the palace of the Snow Queen the snowstorm chalked, the evil winds whistled. It was “cold, deserted, dead.” However, Kai did not notice anything of this – he was bewitched. The boy was engaged in folding various figures from flat pointed ice floes. Only one thing did not work out for him: make up the word “eternity” from the ice floes. Snow Queen promised him: “If you have to lay down the word, you will be your own master, and I’ll give you the whole world and a new pair of skates.” Kai did not understand yet that this was his only chance to get rid of evil witchcraft independently.

When Herda came to the palace, having overcome all the difficulties of the journey, Kay did not recognize her, but sat “still and cold”. But the hot tears of Gerda, falling on his chest, “melted the icy bark” of the heart and “melted the shard.” Learning his name sister, the boy just woke up, and the coveted word “eternity” formed itself. So Kai was saved.

This tale tells us that only faithful and selfless love can destroy sorcerous charms and melt the cold and evil of the icy heart, as before it helped the little girl overcome many obstacles in the way.

A boy who folds the word “eternity”