Writing why I love spring

Spring is the most unusual time of the year. In spring nature revives. In the spring, snow melts and the first green grass appears. In the spring you can hear birds singing. In the spring the sun shines and the mood immediately gets better.

I like to observe how nature transforms. I like to walk along the street when the smell of spring is already heard and a warm wind blows in my face. Each new spring is not like the previous spring. I want you to change your life as the spring comes.

Most of all I like the late spring, when the trees bloom, when the grass has a juicy green tint. I like to be photographed against the background of flowering trees. When the trees bloom, they resemble brides. And the flavor that they publish, just dope.

I love spring for the first time in the forest. In the forest, you can collect the first meadow flowers, warm your hands by the fire and sing songs. I like to go to the forest with my parents and friends. I like to eat in nature.

I love spring, and for the fact that after it comes summer. Summer is the best time of the year when you do not have to stay at home. In the summer I want to walk, rest and travel. Therefore, spring is the real way to summer, the way you walk with pleasure and you meet every day with love.

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Writing why I love spring