Painting of the Battle of Borodino in the novel War and Peace “

Most literary critics, researchers of Lev Nikolaevich’s writings write that the classic distorted many historical facts for artistic purposes. This concerns, in the main, military scenes, and, in particular, the battle in the Borodino field.

An indisputable fact – the events taking place on the field of Borodin were a radical change in the war of 1812. If you open the third volume of the immortal creations of Leo Nikolayevich, you can find the answer to the question: “For what purpose did the Russians and the French converge in a deadly battle in the Borodino field?”

Leo Nikolaevich details, with an accuracy to trifles, three dates: on August 24, 25 and 26, one thousand eight hundred and twelve. 24 Napoleon accidentally stumbled upon the Shevardin fortress and defeated it, thus liberating his army’s way forward, forcing ahead of the river Koloch. August 25 is a “day of silence”. Neither side takes any action. Silence and peace.


26 is the day of battle in the Borodino field. It is important for the reader to remember that Lev Nikolayevich evaluates events on Borodin’s field as unthinkable and meaningless. But Lev Nikolayevich, in addition to describing military battles, reveals the deep emotional experiences of his favorite heroes.

For example, Andrei Bolkonsky before the battle of Borodino is excited and a little distracted. He surrenders to recollections of the best moments of a lived life. He is confident in the victory of the Russian army and shares this thought with Pierre Bezukhov.

Timokhin tells Andrei that his soldiers did not drink, because tomorrow is an important day for them. Pierre goes to the mound on the evening of August 25 and sees militiamen in white shirts, and Drubetskaya explains that in this way they were prepared to accept death.

If you look at the state of the French commander Napoleon, then we can conclude that he is annoyed. Perhaps Napoleon realizes that the decisive battle will take place on August 26. The reader can trace in the course of his thoughts that he is not completely

sure of his fighters….

So, the decisive battle of Borodino.

Napoleon sits on the dais, drinks a punch and watches what is happening. Why does Lev Nikolaevich show him exactly at this decisive moment? The reader is very clear: Napoleon is divorced from the French people. He emphasizes his superiority over all. He indifferently watched how people kill each other, and dreamed only of the boundless power that alone belonged to him.

Quite differently shows Tolstoy Kutuzov. For him, the Battle of Borodino is the decisive battle of the entire war of 1812. He lost the battle on Borodin’s field, but intuitively understood that this was not the final chord of the war.

He gave Napoleon the opportunity to enter Moscow, but thereby condemned him to death. The French army is crushed and devastated. Hunger and cold drive the French away from the capital of Russia.

Thus, Kutuzov understood the decisive role of the battle of Borodino. But more important for him is the great strength of the Russian people, their steadfastness and the will to win, which enabled the Russian army to win the campaign of 1812.

Borodino battle in the novel War and Peace

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Painting of the Battle of Borodino in the novel War and Peace “