Biography of Richard Petty

Richard Petty – racing driver, was born July 2, 1937 in the city of Left Cross, North Carolina. Best known as a seven-time race winner in Dayton for 500 miles.

Among the NASCAR fans, Richard Petty is known as the “King” and the driver of the old 43 cars. In the biography of Richard Petty for three decades, he was a legend, destroying previous records of auto racing. Petty, being the son of driver Li Petty, for the first time professionally began to participate in races in 1958. In 1959, he was named Rookie of the Year, and throughout his legendary career won 200 NASCAR races. He also won seven times in Dayton 500, seven times won the Winston Cup. After a while, Petty became an icon for the media, known for his racing exploits and his cowboy hats and sunglasses.

Richard Petty retired from driving in 1992, but remained in the sport as the owner of the Petty Racing. After leaving the race in the biography of Richard Petty, there was one more significant event. He was awarded the Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award of the United States.

Additional information: Kyle also became a professional racer. The grandson of Richard Adam Petty was 19 years old, when on May 12, 200, he died while driving on the international highway New Hampshire.

Richard Petty in 1996 was a candidate for the post of Secretary of North Carolina from the Republican Party. Petty helped voice the animated film “Cars” from Pixar in 2006, playing the champion of the race, known as “The King.”

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Biography of Richard Petty