The Painting by Serebryakova “Behind the toilet”

Painting Zinaida Serebryakova “Behind the toilet” – this is a self-portrait of the artist herself, which was written in 1909 and brought Serebryakova well-known far beyond St. Petersburg, where she was exhibited.

In the center of the canvas is a young woman who makes a morning toilet. The furnishings of the room here are not rich, it can be seen that here is an ordinary house in the village. But does a woman lose heart? Not at all, the expression on her face, grace, radiant eyes – all this speaks of the joy and happiness of this woman. From the picture, it seems to be calm, peaceful and real positive, which are instantly transmitted to the audience.

Looking at the picture, first of all we notice the brown eyes of the depicted woman. They are so deep and piercing that they really become a mirror of her naive, childish, but at the same time, wise-minded years. One can not help noticing also the white simple dress in which the heroine of the picture is dressed. After all, white color is a symbol of kindness, virginity, innocence and tenderness, which are so contrasted with the brown color of the floor – a symbol of mundane, ordinary and boredom.

By the way the woman in Serebryakova’s painting is drawn, it is clear that she did not pose during this time. In her posture there is only naturalness, relaxation and a sweet, careless admiration for herself and her maiden charm. On her face plays a light blush and it becomes apparent that the heroine of the picture simply enjoys this early morning and looks forward to a happy, full of iridescent impressions, a day.

The painting “Behind the toilet” is made in light yellow and light pink tones by simple streaming lines. It is made using the game of shadows with great skill and accurately conveys the moment of harmony and peace of mind that the artist experienced while working on her canvas.

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The Painting by Serebryakova “Behind the toilet”