The Painting by Van Gogh “Portrait of Dr. Ray”

Irish artist Francis Bacon, a direct descendant of the famous philosopher and full of his namesake. In the works of Bacon clearly seen the influence of Picasso, and such areas as surrealism and expressionism. The artist himself called himself a realist, and said: “Nothing can be more terrible than life itself”.

His paintings already in his lifetime were sold for millions, but this did not affect his way of life and living conditions. Bacon preferred chaos in which he embodied his fantasies.

Francis Bacon’s triptych “Three sketches for the portrait of Lucien Freud” became the most expensive painting sold in the history of the auctions. In New York, in November 2013, at Christie’s auction, it was sold for $ 142.4 million. The name of the buyer remained unknown.

Lucien Freud is an artist, a close friend and rival of Bacon. Freud himself earned the glory of the master of psychological portraits and one of the most expensive contemporary

artists. His work is also sold at auctions for tens of millions of dollars. They met in 1945. They painted portraits many times

Each other. Their friendship was interrupted in 1970 due to personal disagreements. And Bacon finished his work in 1969.

The triptych consists of three parts, each of which has the same size 198 × 147.5 cm. Each part shows the person sitting in a chair in different poses, Lucien Freud. The background of all three parts is made in orange-brown color scheme. In general, the colors at this work are brighter and more colorful. Than on the other canvases of the author.

This work Francis Bacon wrote in his studio at the Royal College of Art in London. For the first time he showed his work in public in the early 70s of the XX century in the gallery in Turin, the Parisian Grand Palace and in Dusseldorf. After that, the triptych was bought in parts, which went to Italy, France and Japan.

In the late 80’s, the Italian collector collected all the pieces in his collection. The last time the triptych was exhibited in 1999 at the American Yale Center for British Art, and before the 2013 auction, the picture did not appear in public

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The Painting by Van Gogh “Portrait of Dr. Ray”