Painting by Aivazovsky “The Ninth Wave”

On the destructive power of the sea compose poetry and write pictures. Many navigators share their observations. Some argue that among the rolling waves there is always one most powerful and destructive. The most shattering seafarers consider the ninth wave in the bill. It is following this belief, the famous artist Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich creates his famous painting “The Ninth Wave”.

From the first glance it can be seen that morning comes after a stormy night. The sea is very restless. In the foreground a few people hung on the remains of the mast. Their ship could not stand the offensive of the sea and drowned, leaving the survivors some imitation of the raft. And although the sun has already appeared on the horizon, it is too early for people to think about salvation. The sea is not going to cool down, and waves are more and more attacking the survivors. In the center of the picture we see the largest and most stormy wave. Her top was foaming like a rabies

and rushing to poor people. Apparently, this is the ominous ninth shaft.

The background of the picture is the sky, illuminated by the morning sun. The clouds are still thick and did not dissolve, but the rays are already making their way through them. They illuminate the sailors advancing waves and form a sunny path on the sea, as if showing the hope that not for long, that salvation is coming soon.

Although the whole picture shows the tragedy, but the author has chosen colors and shades so that she does not give any gloominess. In the picture there is hope for a better future. The author showed that after darkness there is always light, and with it a new day and new opportunities. His constant theme of the paintings is the confrontation between the elements and man. In every misfortune there is a ray of light and hope, so in every struggle there is a hope for victory. Only faith in yourself and your strengths, as well as the ability of people to stick together and for each other help me defeat the forces of the elements.

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Painting by Aivazovsky “The Ninth Wave”