Painting by VM Vasnetsov “Bogatyri”

It seems to me that the picture of Vasnetsov “Bogatyri” can not leave anyone indifferent, for here the images of the defenders of the Russian land, the heroes of the famous Russian fairy tales and epics are colorfully, accurately and capaciously.

Plots of many paintings of an outstanding Russian artist are prompted by masterpieces of oral folk art, Russian folklore, as well as works of Russian writers and poets, especially AS Pushkin.

In the painting “Bogatyri” the artist depicted three Russian epic war heroes: Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alesha Popovich. They went to the steppe to see if the enemy had shown up, if there was a mess on the Russian land.

The heroes are well armed, everyone has reliable armor. The appearance of the heroes, their poses and even the kind of horse that each of them chose for themselves, speak of a difference in their character.

In the center – Ilya Muromets. He leisurely, slowly examining the

steppe expanses from under his hand to his forehead. In the left hand of the hero has a reliable wide shield and a strong long spear. With the right hanging on the belt loop a heavy mace. Quietly stands a black horse under Ilya, strength and confidence are transferred to him from a mighty rider.

To the right of Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich rose in a stirrup on a white horse with a flowing mane. The smart helmet of Dobryni burns in the sun, the shield prepared for the repulse of an attack casts red on red. The hero is impatient in his desire to cleanse the land of his enemies, he militarily plays the half-drawn sword with his sword.

But most elegant looks, of course, Alyosha Popovich. He is the youngest of the heroes, he is handsome and knows this perfectly. By its planting, look, and the inclination of the head it is clear that Alyosha is cunning and savvy. Undoubtedly, without hesitation, he will speak out against the enemy, but he will not give up his life without recklessly. And so Alyosha chose for himself a bow with arrows, from which you can hit enemies at a distance. Gusli, which Alyosha holds with his hand, speak of his confidence that long ago the last enemies were expelled from the Russian land. Therefore, why not play in the open space, do not cheer your comrades.

Thus, in the guise of the three warriors Vasnetsov managed to embody the best features of the Russian national character. Do not defeat the enemies of the Russian land, while Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich stand in patrol.

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Painting by VM Vasnetsov “Bogatyri”