“Heroism in War” composition

The Great Patriotic War, which was almost seventy-five years ago, left an imprint not only in the history of our country, but also in memory, as an example of true heroism. Every patriot rose to defend his people and state. Nobody expected this. And up to now our works about this event are one of the strongest, with an emotional tear.

The glory of the true patriotism of the Russian people is known throughout the world. A strong spirit, which for centuries was famous through legends about the heroes, helped to win such an important victory for our country and people.

It is impossible to fully comprehend the spirit that guided the Soviet people in the war against the fascist invaders who attacked their power. It’s like desperation. But no, there was no fallen spirit, there was only a strong desire to win at any cost. And the price sometimes cost the very life. This was the heroism that every patriot forgot about himself, his goal was to centimeter by centimeter to sweep the enemy out of his house.

I can not imagine what our homeland would have expected if in this brutal war the soldiers began to take care of themselves, taking care of their own security? But, this was not even in the minds of the heroes. And that is why all of us now have the opportunity to live on our land and enjoy the happiness of freedom.

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“Heroism in War” composition