I want to tell you about the film

My favorite genre is melodrama, films that are akin to the fairy tale of Cinderella. They have a lot of melodrama and always a happy ending. They do not shoot, do not blow up, there are no brothers, skinheads and bandits, they do not speak blatant jargon. Negative characters in these films are negative because they have such a character and such vital values. In these films, there is a lot of kindness, sincerity, human warmth and good music.

Of Western films of this type, I love “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere and Julia Roberta, and from “ours” I think the film “Moscow does not believe in tears” is the best. This film is made brilliantly. Every frame, every episode is true. Humanity permeated all relationships. Thanks to this, the young generation of the beginning of the 21st century, we understand the thoughts and feelings of heroines and heroes of the middle of the last century. Understand those difficult situations in which they fall. “Times

are always the same,” Katerina’s mother-in-law retorts in reply to Katya’s remark that “now the times are not the same.” At all times love is trustful, and this trust can be deceived. So it was, so it is and, probably, it will be so. And at all times a good life must be earned, and good husbands do not fall from the sky.

“Moscow does not believe in tears” is, first of all, I think, a hymn to true friendship. All three friends are completely different. Their fates are formed in different ways. But they remain faithful always. They are able to be tolerant of the weaknesses and shortcomings of friends, bantering benevolently over them. They are able to help each other, understand the pain, sorrows and joys, they know how to forgive. In difficult moments, friends show such unity and determination in overcoming troubles, in achieving the goal, which can only envy them.

And this film is about great and true love, about love mistakes and mistakes. About that you can not despair and lose heart, if something does not work out with your loved one, if your best and

bright feelings are deceived. We must live against everything, go the planned way, overcoming difficulties. And for this fate will certainly reward you, as she rewarded the main character. Fate gave Katerina, after all that she had experienced, such love that it gives her the right to say with full confidence: life in forty years is just beginning.

And one more motive is in the film. The heroine has achieved a lot in the professional sphere: she is the head of a large enterprise, a deputy of the Moscow City Council. And the daughter has grown good, and men do not bypass her attention. But the authors of the film conduct this idea: a woman always needs a man’s defense, such is her feminine essence. The origin of the word “married” is very transparent: it is “for” a man, “for” her husband’s true life mission, although, of course, for many in the first place – career. And no modern business ladies will convince the world of the opposite. It’s good when a woman combines marriage with her professional interests. But the main thing for a woman has always been, there is and will be a family hearth.

My favorite movie gives me reason to think and enjoy. In it I find answers to many questions. Thoughts and feelings of heroes are consonant with mine, and this is the main force of art.

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I want to tell you about the film