The role of women in the family

Even in Ancient Greece, women had the right to choose whether to be a good mistress, a caring wife or a warrior woman, depriving themselves of male care and home comfort. So, for example, Athena – the warrior gave up her personal life. Despite the fact that she never left her descendants, her life was full of many victories and trophies.

And Hera, the wife of Zeus, saw her role as a woman in the family. She was a wonderful mother and guardian of the family hearth, not experiencing the slightest craving for adventure.

Despite the fact that much time has passed when the first choice was made by a woman between career and family, and regardless of emancipation, the echoes of the past make themselves felt and the role of modern women in the family has many stereotypes. Many believe that the one who dreams of career success and the family before her 30th birthday simply does not understand how utopian her beliefs are.

Life does not stand still and no one regrets.

Part of the fairer sex with an iron grip seek to build a career, and the natural instinct of motherhood is put off in a long box. But a woman of the 21st century understands that for happiness both at work and in the family, it is necessary to combine all this rationally. She realizes that it is necessary to give time for rest and never personal problems should not affect the progress on the career ladder.

After all, business activity of women is successful and gives the result, first of all, when their family has a favorable influence, helping to cope with the emotional stress in life. At present, a woman needs to be strong, retaining her feminine wisdom in order to maintain harmony and enjoy on both sides of life.

Since in our time a woman is compelled to earn money along with her beloved husband, sometimes in this financial race some important family responsibilities of women are missed (cooking a hearty meal for her breadwinner, keeping cleanliness in the house, etc.). After all, caring for cleanliness, comfort, healthy food and laundered clothes – this is the care of your beloved. In man, nature was laid to be an earner, providing security for his family. Still, it’s not for nothing that a happy woman is a happy family. Therefore, if a woman does not focus on her family responsibilities, then misunderstandings, resentments and unjustified expectations will soon begin.

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The role of women in the family