Composition on the picture Vasnetsov “Bayan”

The painting by the great artist VM Vasnetsov “Bayan” is close enough to many episodes of the Russian work “The Lay of Igor’s Host”.

On the canvas is depicted Bayan, Grand Duke Igor and his entourage, they are sitting in a semicircle. The prince is dressed in a green tunic and cloak of burgundy color. All the knights carefully listen to Bayan, giving a farewell and raising a military spirit. The right hand of the narrator is raised, and the left hand lies on the harp. Someone is looking at the narrator himself, and someone is staring into the distance. The soldiers are armed and dressed in the armor of that time. A strong wind and a terrible sky seem to echo the story of the gray-haired old man about the heroism of the Russian people, about the great battles.

Bayan – “prophetic”, is a descendant of the pagan god Veles. He sang songs that he himself composed and accompanied with their playing on any instrument. Bayan was a

favorite of Prince Oleg himself and sang songs to Yaroslav the Wise.

The boy sitting near Prince Igor is his son, who in the future will also have to protect his people and lead him. On the face of the prince you can see determination and anxiety at the same time. After all, he understands that if in the coming battle he dies, his young son will have to take over the whole board.

To create his work, the artist used dark tones, thereby transmitting an eclipse of the sun, which does not bode well for the warriors. To emphasize this moment, the author makes the sky not only dark, but also obscures the heroes’ clothes and the earth in the picture. Thanks to this work, we can imbue the spirit and life of Ancient Rus, the state of brave hero warriors, and also observe the Russian nature and vast expanses of our Motherland.

Most likely, Vasnetsov did not accidentally depict a hill behind which the latitudes of the Russian land are visible: a river, forests and endless meadows. After all, they must be protected, so that the next generation peacefully lived and could enjoy this beauty.

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Composition on the picture Vasnetsov “Bayan”