Painting by Gerasimov “Still-life Wildflowers”

Painting by A. M. Gerasimov “Still-life Wildflowers”. AM Gerasimov was very fond of painting still lifes throughout his creative life. The main characters of the artist’s “quiet nature” are flowers. Bouquets in Gerasimov’s still lifes are always made elegantly, with great taste and understanding of the charm of each plant species.

He sought to isolate, sometimes by contrast, a particular group of colors. Especially he managed to combine light chamomile tones with a common, darker mass of stems and leaves.

In the painting “Still Life: Wildflowers” there are four bouquets in glass rolls of various shapes and colors. The image is constructed so that one of the largest bouquets is not fully shown. He participates only in the creation of a common pictorial mass. But this bouquet is completely visible in the mirror image.

A whole symphony of tones, shades of different sound is played: white, blue, yellow, pink-lilac, green.

Camomiles are the main heroines of bouquets. Their white and yellow flowers are in each of the four bouquets and give the compositions a festive and expressive. Field flowers, depicted AM Gerasimov, low-key, but caressing eyes. They give birth to quiet joy, peace, peace

Luxurious rowan accent in Gerasimov’s painting “Gifts of Autumn”. The painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Gifts of Autumn” is a typical still-life. One of the popular motifs of still life is a bouquet near the window. The window allows the artist to convey in the picture special lighting, play of light and shadow. If you take a transparent vase or jar for a bouquet, then there is an opportunity to observe how the stems and rays of light are refracted in water.

Gerasimov often resorted to such a composition, but he especially succeeded in this picture. On the table are the fruits that are characteristic for this time of year. Most likely, the artist did not collect them specially, but took what was at hand. Otherwise, he could have made a richer and more diverse composition.

In the foreground, two half-devastated

sunflowers are conspicuous. Maybe they were pecked out by birds, or maybe while the artist was going to paint a picture and prepared brushes and canvas, some of the households ate some of the seeds. In any case, the artist is very skillfully using the contrast in sunflower flowers, which has always been a symbol of wealth. Quite lonely next to them looks a small mushroom. Apparently, he grew up accidentally somewhere at the doorstep and the artist added it to the still life. On the left side, he set a bowl with apples of green color.

And above all this rises the main image of a still life, his heart, his main color and semantic accent – a bouquet of mountain ash. Scarlet berries look more elegant than flowers. Heavy rowan brush bent branches. An unusual autumn bouquet almost completely blocks the window and dominates the picture, sets the tone in it. The red color of the abundant rowan bunches gives a gleam to everything around and changes the color of objects: everything gives off a ripe autumn red, everything is covered with reddish glints. This shade of red and creates the impression of luxury – simple familiar autumn gifts look like a real treasure.

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Painting by Gerasimov “Still-life Wildflowers”