Composition-description of the picture Kuindzhi “North”

Why is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the North – it’s cold and snow. The picture of AI Kuindzhi is the exact opposite of this statement. The north in the performance of the painter is filled with life, rich in optimism and beauty.

The first thing that draws attention to the picture “North” is the sky. It takes responsibility for the overall impression of the work. Painted in pink and purple tones, the celestial smoothness fills the entire space of the canvas. And where the artist painstakingly painted the landscape, the sky, like a haze envelops him. You can not see the cloud and the sun, but you can feel the fog, gentle as fluff. The sky conquered a part of the earth, drowning in itself.

The bare rock, barely covered with moss, did not often see people, she was more familiar with the wind. This bully scraped the pine, depriving it almost entirely from one side of the branches. Her girlfriends look the same, but they do not lose heart, before them open endless spaces with which they willingly admire. In the lowland serpentine winding river. She knows that she is good, and willingly invites to reflect in her splendor the sky.

Nature is always the most grateful model, which positively poses for talented people. It inspires poets and artists with the best works in their work. For me, it is clear that the artist, sunbathing with the idea to write what he saw, created a masterpiece.

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Composition-description of the picture Kuindzhi “North”