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Undoubtedly, the tradition of the Russian national comedy, represented by Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin, characterizes the heroes. “Nedorosl” boldly and openly beats the tyranny of landlord-serf owners. The most negative way of comedy is Ms. Prostakova. She controls her serf firm hand, rather, even cruelly. Do not disdain corporal punishment. the heroine is ignorant and vindictive. And talking on high tones with servants for her – it’s normal. Usually the landowner refers to his serf Trishka: “cattle”, “thieves’ harya,” “dummy,” “swindler.” Nyanke his son, Eremeevna, who does not like the soul in this mutter, “grateful” mother says “canal”, “dog daughter”, “beast”. And this – to the most approximate, “

True, this magician has an outlet in the soul: she loves her 16-year-old son. True, this feeling is blind, for which Mrs. Prostakova paid at the end

of the comedy. Really original author’s, “fonvizinskaya”, characterization of the characters. “Nedorosl” is a comedy, where each hero uses his own unique vocabulary and definite vocabulary.

Mr. Prostakov – quiet, calm henpecked. In everything he is subject to his wife; not having her own, follows her opinion. However, he is not cruel, loves his son. But in fact, nothing affects the house, including raising a child.

It is original and interesting, with observance of individual vocabulary, created by Fonvizin characterization of the characters. It is not by chance that the nerd is named Mitrofanushka. After all, it sounds Greek like “motherlike”. By the way, regarding the name of the comedy. In Russia, gentiles were called young noblemen who did not have a written certificate of education.

Mitrofanushka eschews studies, he is rude to people who kindly refer to him. Eremeevna says: “The old hrychivka.” Teacher Tsifirkin – “garrison rat.” The crown phrase of the young dunce – that he does not want to learn, but wants to

marry – is undoubtedly the creative find of Fonvizin, she really became a winged one. The nedoroslle is not far from mind, is rude and ignorant. His indolence is indulged all in the house.

Brother Prostakova, Mr. Skotinin, in the comedy is depicted cartoonically. He treats the lower estate with contempt, but breeding pigs for him is a true passion and purpose of life. His whole horizon is limited by the problems of the pigsty. He does not get tired of talking about these animals. On top of that, he wants to marry Sophia.

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Negative images