How beautiful is our planet!

I have seen very little on our planet, but what I have already seen gives me the right to agree with the enthusiasm expressed in the subject.

In support of this exclamation of a huge variety of phenomena, I choose and try to describe those that have more than once fascinated me.

Winter in the garden at the dacha. Empty and black trees will drain from the cold. But a little warms the spring sun – everything comes to life. Dry, seemingly lifeless branches eject the life-giving kidneys. And soon our whole village is in such a stunning green and white outfit! Where did these gnarled trunks come from, these black branches? How many springs I can not stop marveling at! And I always remember Andrey Bolkonsky and his meeting with the old oak, which later all in the forest came to life after a long Russian winter. The spring awakening of nature alone makes it possible to assert that our planet is unusually beautiful, that it is beautifully arranged.

And I also think

that the main beauty of our planet is in diversity, which exists in everything: in the landscape, in fauna and flora. Mountains and oceans, seas and rivers, endless fertile steppes and barren deserts, forests and eternal ice – all you can not name and just one life you will not see. But a great variety and variety of grasses, flowers on our Ukrainian lands – it was seen by everyone, but not everyone perceived it as a miracle. Try next time, hitting the flowering meadow, take a closer look. You will find unspeakable surprise. What a variety of forms of leaves and flowers! What colors! Names of how many flowers and herbs you’ve seen? A maximum of one out of ten or even fifty. And all this for something lives, blooms, reproduces. And the fauna?! Especially underwater. The fauna of the seas and oceans I’ve seen in zoos and television shows. At first I asked myself an empty question, I now understand, the question: why such an infinite number of bizarre forms and colors? Then I realized that some of this is functional, but not all. Probably, I decided, for beauty, in order to admire each other and give
this opportunity to us, people.

Everything on our planet is created deliberately, everything is interconnected, everything fulfills its definite role. Who thought it all over and created it? Is the wisdom of some Supreme mind, is it God, or the process of evolution, or something else unknown? But the main thing that fascinates and surprises: the thoughtfulness in everything to the last blade. And everything is so beautiful, so beautiful! And as the great Russian writer said, beauty will save the world. The beauty of this world will save the world of people – so I understand the words of FM Dostoyevsky.

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How beautiful is our planet!