Nature of the native land

The planet Earth from the North to the South Pole admires us with its color. Hot deserts with loose sands alternate with coniferous and deciduous forests; bottomless seas and oceans; high mountains with their snowy peaks, rugged rivers, powerful waterfalls; endless fields, casting gold ripe ears and crystal-clear, blue lakes.

A person travels through the countries of this world, admires with unprecedented beauty, is surprised by exotic plants and animals, often envies the unusual way of life of strangers. Sometimes it remains to live in distant lands and even take root in a foreign land. But somewhere in the secluded corners of his heart and memory, love to his native land and a desire to return is always warm.

The native expanses are also immense as the soul of the people. They live by his joys and adversities. They give their warmth and fruit. Quench their thirst and breathe life. The nature of the native land is sweet to the mind and heart. At any time of the year, she

pleases the eye with her beauty and benefit.

Summer red gives fruit-berries full of vitamins. A hot sun, a cool river, a riot of greenery, it fills us with immunity for a whole year. A variety of fragrant herbs heals from diseases.

Autumn, as a hospitable hostess, treats us with gifts: full mushrooms; garden pears, apples, apricots and all sorts of other delicacies; melons, melons and sweet watermelons; vegetable cucumbers, tomatoes, aubergines and crispy cabbage; aromatic honey; hazelnuts and the indescribable beauty of nature. Red-yellow-green crowns of age-old trees are scattered in parks and squares. Multicolored dahlias, asters, chrysanthemums adorn the flower beds of the front gardens and traditional autumn weddings.

Winter comes a noble noblewoman in a rich snow coat, the hem of which covers the ground. He fetters rivers and lakes, sprinkles with the sparkling frost branches of trees and bizarre forms of bushes. Draws openwork patterns on the windows. Angrily bursts into frost or gaily dizzies. On white snow, red-breasted bullfinches peck blood-red clusters of mountain ash. The earth, which

has been working all summer and autumn, is resting and gaining strength under a fluffy, snow blanket.

And now, finally, the spring girl is already cautiously looking with slanted green eyes through the patterned sparkling winter robe. Then she will tingle with a merry laugh of a drop, then throw a scattering of snowdrops on a forest clearing. Winter reluctantly picks up the dirty gray hem of his fur coat, and drags himself to get cold, cold and replenish the snow reserves for the next year. And spring is in full swing! A bird’s trill echoed. They swell and explode with buds on the trees. The lilac is fragrant. Stiff daffodils, motley tulips, tender mimosa and quivering lilies of the valley are attracted to the sun. The shepherds, gaily clicking whips, drive their herds to the young succulent grass. In the fields, the sowing is in full swing.

Love for the Motherland can not be extinguished in the heart of a person. She was presented to him at the moment of birth and nurtured by her mother’s milk. The native land will nurture you and take you into your sorrowful embrace when the time comes.

The homeland is a place you always want to return to. In any corner of the earth you are – remember your roots, do not let them perish in your memory and soul.

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Nature of the native land