My grandmother’s composition

I want to write about my grandmother – she is not just my own and my beloved, but my support and support. My grandmother takes care of me all my life, since childhood I remember her voice telling fairy tales, good laughter, wrinkles around the eyes, constant worries about my health.

My grandmother always has time to listen to my stories, she meets me after school and asks how my day went, she can talk about everything that happened in school, consult and ask for help. Grandmother can always give good advice and help to understand how to properly act in a difficult situation. She teaches me to be always honest and kind, to help friends, not to be afraid of any work and to overcome laziness.

I really love my grandmother, she lived a long and difficult life, but remained so kind and cheerful. It is not difficult for her to work and care for us all day, for her the most important is our health and well-being. Grandmother always has time to listen to you, she can quit

any business and comfort and help, if you need it.

From early morning until late in the evening the grandmother takes care of the household, and when there is nothing to do, bakes delicious pies or knits us socks and mittens for the winter. She teaches me to do any housework, and together with her we cook food, get out and go to the store. The simplest and most boring thing to do with a grandmother is always fun. And when we do everything, then we sit down to drink tea and talk about how many interesting things the grandmother knows, how many stories she tells about the past of our family, my parents and relatives.

I know that I can completely trust and rely on my grandmother, she will always try to help me. I am proud of the honesty, kindness and diligence of my grandmother so that she does not happen, she tidies up the house, prepares a delicious dinner and continues to take care of us all. My grandmother is my mainstay in life, I hope to become as good a person as she is.

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My grandmother’s composition