My favorite song

In the world there are so many different songs – cheerful and sad, fast and slow, adults and children. But almost every person has his favorite songs that are associated with some events in his life or just like for good text and beautiful music.

My favorite song is “Our neighbor”. It is performed by the famous singer Edita Pyekha, and music and words were written by Boris Potemkin. I know that this work originated in the years when in our country began to build paneled five-story houses. They had rather thin walls, and therefore – very high audibility. If one neighbor played a musical instrument, he could almost involuntarily hear the whole house. That’s about such a gay neighbor and this song is written.

I like it for a cheerful dance melody, good humor and a description of good relations between people. In this song, the tenants of the house are not angry with their neighbor – a musician. On the contrary, they even get pleasure from

his performance. In the morning, this person will not let them sleep through the work, and then entertain the pensioners and all fans of the wind music the whole day.

A few years ago an old musician also lived in our house. True, he did not play on the clarinet or the trumpet, but on the accordion. When there was a holiday, this grandfather almost always went out into the yard with his accordion and played tirelessly for the whole evening. He knew a lot of tunes and songs – mostly old ones, which now almost do not sound. He played with great pleasure, and people often were going to listen to his performance. And when the accordionist started to bring out the ditties, some elderly women sang and even danced to the beat. It turned out to be a whole festive concert. He lifted people’s spirits and united them.

Several years passed, and this old accordionist, unfortunately, died. In our yard, live music no longer sounds. But whenever I hear the song “Our neighbor”, I remember my early childhood, merry holidays and this person, who loved music and people.

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My favorite song