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The works of Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky are distinguished by lyricism, the truth of life and a beautiful, sonorous and figurative language. The author organically merges with his characters, living their interests, feelings and desires. Sometimes it is difficult to understand where the poet says, where is his hero, and where is the soldier’s mass. This testifies to Tvardovsky’s great skill, his ability to live in the interests of the country, its sorrows and joys.

Poem “Vasily Terkin” is one of the best in his work. The work truthfully, figuratively and vividly speaks about the most difficult test for Russia – the Great Patriotic War. The author achieved that his poem became truly popular: it was read at the front and in the rear. And Vasily Terkin became a favorite of soldiers, he was imitated, believed in the reality of such a fighter, afraid to hear the news of his death. Who is he? Vasily Terkin – “grated kalach”, who passed

the Finnish war, skilfully and fervently fighting on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War. Typical representative of the generation who has borne on the shoulders all the hardships of laziness. “It’s just that the guy is himself ordinary.” Terkin is responsible for his work, not hiding behind the backs of his comrades. “If not me, then who?” – the principle of his life. Going swimming along the icy river,

They gave the pile – began to live,

He rose on the bed:

Platoon on the right bank

Alive to spite the enemy!

Reported on the form, like

Immediately swim back to him.

“Well done,” said the colonel, “

Well done! Thank you brother.

Everywhere a hero among the soldiers: jokers or leads a “political talk”, supports the spirit of the soldiers.

Terkin, Terkin, good fellow,

What’s there to laugh, and what’s sad.

You have guessed, a lot, a friend.

Has guessed far afield.

With a lot of skill, Terkin does not brag about his comrades, but tries to

relieve the front life of himself and others. He is a jack of all trades and when there is a stop on the road, he does not force himself to ask, he plays the accordion for the fighters, supporting their spirit:

And, having changed fingers quickly,

He, as if on demand,

Here I talked about three tankmen,

Three comrades story.

Not about them whether word for word,

Is not that the whole song.

And they looked down sternly

In the helmets of leather friends.

Without further ado, the author of his readers leads the hero of the poem along the front roads to the west. And the closer the borders of Russia, the funnier and more provocative the story becomes.

The holiday is near, mother Russia,

Wrap the west look:

Far away Vasily,

Vasya Terkin, your soldier.

The poem “Vasily Terkin” is an unforgettable and figurative chronicle of the war that has passed the test of time, and remains for us an inexhaustible source of truth about the terrible and heroic years of military hard times.

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Ordinary guy