Who is he the hero of our time

Life has a property to change… But why only life? Everything changes in this world. The cities change, people change, books change, heroes change. Let them say that people do not change. I do not agree: they are still changing, sometimes they do not. Certain circumstances change people internally, and this contributes to external changes. But to change yourself is not so simple, especially in a good way, you need to find mistakes in yourself, and most importantly – to recognize them.

In my opinion, to reconstruct oneself is a real heroism, it is not everyone’s control. It seems to me that in our time a hero can be called a person who could remake himself.

M. Yu. Lermontov in his novel “The Hero of Our Time” very accurately and realistically shows the psychology of the hero – Grigory Alexandrovich Pechorin. In order to understand Pechorin, you need to understand his soul, to know his inner world, to reveal the reasons for his behavior

and actions. For this, the writer entered into the work “Pechorin’s Magazine”, in which the secrets of the hero’s soul are revealed: Pechorin does not like his fate, and he tries to act, but for what – can not understand. On the one hand, he is not devoid of mind, his soul is full of immense forces, and on the other – he is an egoist, destroying people’s lives and breaking hearts. And such a man is a hero of his time.

And who, then, can be considered a hero of our time? Undoubtedly, the hero is a person who embodies the features of an epoch, environment. Let’s try to create his portrait. This, of course, is a young man who has the opportunity to improve and learn new things, a person who can change not only himself but the whole world. What a pity that the youth so quickly passes and we do not have time to enjoy it and take full advantage…

But the real heroes of our technological age still believe in a better future, they are hoping for their own strength, physical and mental, able to love, and most importantly – they want to realize their potential

in this complex world. We are heroes, heroes of our lives, we build our future. You know, no one can ever change our life, our worldview, only we ourselves are capable of this. A person who is able to change, has the potential for development and willpower, a person who generates an idea for which he is ready to fight, a person who embodies the features inherent in this era, is the hero of time. We, young, ambitious, dynamic, but spiritually rich and humane, are heroes of the XXI century.

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Who is he the hero of our time